2 year employment contract template

2 year employment contract template is a 2 year employment contract sample that gives infomration on 2 year employment contract design and format. when designing 2 year employment contract example, it is important to consider 2 year employment contract template style, design, color and theme. my manager said she was only able to give me a $2 raise if i sign a 2-year contract. i have agreed to stay on board for another two years and in exchange for that commitment will receive a raise in my hourly rate from $16 to $18” which was signed 11/15/2020. is this even acceptable to having to stay with a company that i am not benefiting from? since you contracted with your employer to receive a $2.00 per hour pay increase in exchange for working for 2 years, your employer could potentially bring a breach of contract claim against you for damages. please note that an employer is even less likely to pursue such a claim if: (i) your contract does not have a prevailing party attorney fee provision; and (ii) your employer understands that you do not have money to pay damages. a: it is important that an attorney be able to review the contract before your question can be reliably answered.

2 year employment contract overview

if the agreement is not a term agreement, but has a provision that says if you leave before the end of the second year you would be liable for a defined payment of money, known as liquidated damages, that provision may or may not be enforceable. all of that said, no employer can make you stay if you want to leave. it would be a good idea to take your contract to an attorney for a review. justia ask a lawyer is a forum for consumers to get answers to basic legal questions. the use of this website to ask questions or receive answers does not create an attorney–client relationship between you and justia, or between you and any attorney who receives your information or responds to your questions, nor is it intended to create such a relationship. you should not act upon information provided in justia ask a lawyer without seeking professional counsel from an attorney admitted or authorized to practice in your jurisdiction. justia assumes no responsibility to any person who relies on information contained on or received through this site and disclaims all liability in respect to such information.

the attorney should be one who is familiar with the business of medicine, in addition to having familiarity with employment law and employment contracts. never accept a statement dismissing something in the contract, such as, “oh, that provision is never enforced,” or “that won’t ever apply to you.” ask for copies of the corporate bylaws, partnership agreement, and other documents that may affect your future relationship with a practice. if the contract refers to another document, such as corporate bylaws, a health plan, or a retirement plan, obtain a copy and be sure it is dated. in considering a contract, you don’t have to accept whatever is offered, but don’t try to negotiate every point of the contract, either.

2 year employment contract format

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2 year employment contract guide

in addition to describing the method of your compensation (salary or salary-plus-productivity, for example), the contract should state how often you will be paid. the rationale behind a restrictive covenant is that the group has expended resources in recruiting you and setting you up in practice and doesn’t want you to have the advantage of those resources if you leave the group and set up a competitive practice. in the case of disability, typically there is a “qualifying period” ranging from 60 to 180 days before the contract ends. it is not common for an employment contract to cover specifics about your becoming a shareholder in the practice, but discussions about future partnership should be documented in the letter of intent.

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