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artist agreement template is a artist agreement sample that gives infomration on artist agreement design and format. when designing artist agreement example, it is important to consider artist agreement template style, design, color and theme. the following contract is a revision of the artist’s reserved rights transfer and sale agreement created by conceptual art curator-publisher seth siegelaub and lawyer robert projansky in new york in 1971. the “artist’s contract,” or “the projansky agreement,” as it is known in art and legal circles respectively, is a model contract for artists to use when selling their work or transferring ownership. these developments diagram an art market that functions by accumulating and recirculating wealth at the top.created for this new context, this agreement is a way for artists to redirect the flow of that money, enabling it to make a positive contribution. some of these considerations are still worth heeding today, for as siegelaub stressed, it will often be an art dealer and not the artist who is responsible for presenting and negotiating the agreement with a potential collector, and they must feel supported and empowered in the risk that they take, (alongside the artist) in doing so.

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the 1971 agreement’s emphasis on the individual was also criticized by members of the art workers coalition for ignoring models of redistribution, for although resale royalties were seen as an important step in establishing an equitable art economy, the awc also demanded that a royalty from the sale of deceased artists’ works should be collected and redirected to artists who were financially precarious, including in the form of an emergency healthcare fund. indeed, this new agreement has been inspired by the rise in artists’ foundations, and artists’ desire for a percentage of their sales to be directed back to their foundation. this revision re-orients the terms and principles of the 1971 agreement away from individual gain and towards redistribution, benefiting groups.3.

we will walk through the essential terms of a side artist agreement and what each party may try to negotiate for in these relationships. an ownership provision in a side artist agreement determines who will own the copyright to the master recording and the underlying musical composition of the track at issue. a solid work for hire provision will also include catch-all language that “assigns” all of the side artist’s contributions to the track to the hiring party in the event that it does not qualify as a work made for hire under the copyright act.

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there are several types of royalties that would typically be addressed in a side artist contract. parties to a side artist agreement should ensure that if any samples or other materials belonging to a third party are incorporated into the final product, they are done so with the permission of the owner of said materials. side artist agreements should always include a provision that grants the label or hiring party the right to use the artist’s name, image or “approved” likeness and biographical material for the project. side artist agreements will often dictate that the side artist is not an employee of the hiring party and is providing services as an independent contractor.