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we offer artist management contracts that you can download and modify. some of the artist management contracts in this section are used by a manager to contract with third parties in furtherance of the artist’s career. our live performance and recording artist manager contracts are written by an experienced entertainment lawyer to ensure relevance, accuracy, and the utmost confidence for our customers. the contracts contained in this package are used by a personal manager to contract with artists to act as the artist’s personal manager. an artist management agreement  is used by a personal manager to contract with a recording and performing musical artist to set the terms for managing the artist’s career. an artist management agreement  (with master & merchandise rights) is used by a personal artist to contract with a recording and performing musical artist to manage the artist’s career.

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a demo recording shopping agreement is used by a representative that will shop or pitch a recording artist’s demo recordings and promotional package to record labels with the intent of getting a record deal for the artist. a music video production services agreement is a contract between a record label or an artist that is hiring a person to provide services in some aspect of the production of the video. a producer and artist production agreement is used when a producer enters into a contract with an artist to produce one or more of the artist’s recordings. a producer and artist development agreement is used when an artist and a producer agree for the producer to provide services as a record producer for the artist on a speculative basis. a producer management agreement is used by a personal manager to contract with a music producer to set the terms for managing the producer’s career. a songwriter split sheet is a simple contract used when a two or more songwriters co-write a song and the songwriters want to acknowledge the co-ownership and list the percentages of ownership.

the management contract template intends to manage or help out with the career of an artist. some documents are also used to contract with third parties for the benefit of an artist’s career. just make sure to include the basic clauses in the document you make. the two main types of talent management contract templates are: when a manager works with an artist, he must come up with an artist management contract. generally, though, the manager gives advice and direction to the artist in connection with all of the matters related to the professional career of the artist. this is why it’s important for both parties to be on the same page about the role of the manager. a written document between the manager and artist must contain an outline with all of the details of their relationship. this ensures that both the manager and the artist know what to expect.

when creating an artist management contract, there are certain clauses you must include to ensure its effectiveness. these clauses are: you may also want to include a statement where the artist confirms that he has the authority to enter into such agreement and the rights each party has if the other party breaks or breaches the contract. of course, the most important information on this type of document are the names of the manager and of the artist. they would want to work with artists who they can have open conversations with, especially about all of the topics included in the agreement. having a good relationship is important, especially if both the manager and the artist want to work together for a long time. after all, if you don’t believe in what the artist does, how can you manage him effectively? if you don’t know the artist or manager well, you may choose to enter into a short-term agreement first. this allows you to have a better idea of the other person and see if you’re a good fit professionally.