bill tracking spreadsheet template

bill tracking spreadsheet template is a bill tracking spreadsheet sample that gives infomration on bill tracking spreadsheet design and format. when designing bill tracking spreadsheet example, it is important to consider bill tracking spreadsheet template style, design, color and theme. our search tool helps you find the bills you’d like to track and saves them in a an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface we call a bill sheet. the bill spreadsheet lets you sort, filter, group, edit, and export bills easy as could be. bill information updates automatically throughout the day and newly introduced bills in your area of interest are added to your bill sheet every night. you are also always just one click away from full bill details such as all versions of the full bill text, the complete action history, committees, full sponsor details and contact information, vote records, and more. our daily email alerts are a super streamlined just-the-facts grid that makes legislative bill tracking easy as it changes from day to day.

bill tracking spreadsheet format

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the email alerts are configured individually by bill sheet and by user, so everyone can get just the information they need. you can also choose to get a separate email reminding you of committee hearings scheduled in the next 7 days. we offer robust user management so you can share bills internally with just the right people and give them just the right permissions. for example you can share with some people in “read only” mode so they can only see the bills and set up alerts. because you can customize your bill sheet with as many columns for notes as you need, bill sheets can be a great way to solicit feedback on bills from a legislative policy committee, or various department heads, or other people you need to weigh in, with all the information being kept in one (password controlled) central location everyone can access. we also have several ways to share bill spreadsheets with a wider audience, including our mobile stakeholder pages that let you share bill alerts with people who aren’t even in your account.