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boat purchase agreement template is a boat purchase agreement sample that gives infomration on boat purchase agreement design and format. when designing boat purchase agreement example, it is important to consider boat purchase agreement template style, design, color and theme. it’s a contract specific to a boat sale, and can be used for a powered or unpowered boat as long as it is not also a u.s. coast guard documented vessel registered by the u.s. government rather than titled and numbered by a state (there are separate forms for selling a documented vessel). in some states, a boat bill of sale may not be required to complete the sale, but using one is a good idea as it provides proof of the details of the transaction. you can make up your own boat purchase agreement or use a form that may be provided by your state (try searching online for “michigan boat purchase agreement” for example). if your state does not require the use of a specific form, or does not offer one, you may be able to use a generic boat purchase agreement such as one offered by: the hin should be permanently marked on the boat transom to port.

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if the boat is powered by an outboard motor, it should be listed separately with its serial number. the agreement should list a separate sale price for the boat, outboard motor and trailer. if you are selling the boat, items that are not included in the sale can be listed as “excluded” on the purchase agreement. if issues crop up, such as a repair that should be made, those terms can be negotiated and spelled out in a new agreement, or the buyer can walk away with a refunded deposit.

a written agreement will eliminate or minimize questions and problems that could later turn a sweet deal at the dock into a sour one in court. it’s not necessary to have a lawyer write the contract, although this should be considered, especially if you’re buying a high-ticket boat or are having one custom-built for you. a handwritten agreement will also serve the purpose. if the sales agreement requires the signature of both the salesperson and an officer of the dealership, make sure both spaces are signed. if you’re buying from a broker, the sales contract will usually be standardized. financial institutions often consider boats to be luxury items, so the application process is more like buying a house than buying a car. as part of the underwriting process, many lenders will ask for a personal financial statement along with tax returns.

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terms up to 20 years with down payments between 10% and 20% are common, but rates and terms can vary depending on the age, size, type, and use of the boat. on a new boat, lenders need the manufacturer’s statement of origin. with used boats, lenders check for a clear title or record of ownership. the mso or mco shows when the boat was built and transferred to the retail dealer for resale purposes. if the boat is financed with a loan, the mso will be transferred to the lender; otherwise, it will be included in the boat’s papers given to you at the time of purchase. you or your loan company should receive the mso when you take delivery. without the mso you may be unable to register the boat or meet insurance requirements.