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hazardous drinking  { alcohol consumption which confers the risk of physical or psychological harm} is significantly associated with severe health problems such as head injuries and hospitalizations homeopathy helps in alcohol de addiction . there have been published and ongoing studies on the alcohol de-addiction and its withdrawal  symptoms. it is officially covered by homeopathic pharmacopoeia of united states  and mentioned in german homeopathic pharmacopoeia. quercus diminishes the craving for alcohol and  antidotes the alcoholic  state , and giddiness with spleen trouble.

red eyes, a dry mouth, and violent throbbing are seen in people who are addicted to drugs. based on the findings of the study, arsenicum album, nux vomica, rhus tox., and pulsatilla were found to be effective. rhus toxicodendron, arsenic album, chamomilla were found to be effective in 10m potency, bryonia alba & nux vomica in 200c potency and avena sativa in mother-tincture. get leading brands of homeopathic products, and connect online with over 800 homeopaths across india.

it is considered a real disease as it causes changes to the brain as well as neurochemistry, so alcohol addiction cannot just be overcome by mere use of will power. but regardless of the varied presentation, someone is considered to have alcohol addiction if they are dependent on drinking to function in daily life and can’t stay sober for more than a while and can’t control their emotions when they are not drinking. due to this, quitting alcohol and going through the process of recovery alone is very difficult for anyone. also, the earlier this process is started more the chances of success and recovery. the aim is to stop drinking and allow the body to get the alcohol out of the system.

alcohol addiction also affects the lives of people close to the patient. homeopathic treatment for alcohol de-addiction is found to be safe and causes no side effects. hyoscyamus – it is indicated for delirium and insomnia due to alcohol withdrawal. opium- it is indicated for weak digestion, weak memory, tremors and difficulty in walking due to years of alcohol addiction. continued use of this website will be considered to be your consent to all the terms and conditions of using this website.

describes how alcohol and drug addiction affect the whole family. explains how substance abuse treatment works, how family interventions can this article discusses the homeopathy treatment of alcohol addiction along with the best homeopathic medicine for alcoholism treatment and namaskar dosto is video me maine homeopathic medicine quercus glandium ke baare me aap ko jaankari dee hai.quercus glandium alcohol, .

know the warning signs of alcohol dependence, its symptoms and ill after effects. homeopathy medicines like quercus robur 1x diminishes the buy homeopathic medicines for alcohol de-addiction problem. we are among top homeopathic products manufacturer companies in the world. homeopathy treats alcohol dependence, craving for tobacco i.e, nicotine addiction and abuse of other psychotropic or narcotic substances., .

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