allergic rhinitis home remedy

nasal congestion associated with allergic rhinitis can be treated with a saline nasal wash, which helps facilitate the easy removal of excess mucus. stinging nettle may help reduce the inflammatory symptoms of allergic rhinitis by inhibiting the release of histamine which is at the base of this adverse reaction. vitamin c is credited with significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential that can help in the management of various allergies, including allergic rhinitis.

a study concludes that fatty acids present in fish helped decrease the contraction of airways triggered by allergic diseases such as asthma. moreover, a study shows that quercetin acts as natural antihistamine hence helps in reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. viral infections are common reasons for inflammation of the airways that is known as viral rhinitis. these pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions provide symptomatic relief from allergic rhinitis rather than treat the condition itself.

allergic rhinitis or hay fever is an inflammatory condition that causes infection in the nasal passages, sinuses, ears, and throat. allergic rhinitis can cause major blockage in the sinuses, which leads to fluid buildup and plays the role of a house for germs. according to a study, intake of a high dose of honey is helpful in eliminating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. you can surely rely on this home remedy to treat your allergic reaction within a few minutes.

and, you can even add a few drops of this essential oil in the steaming process for an effective treatment. ginger extract is known to be an excellent anti allergen and anti inflammatory ingredient that can be very helpful in treating the severe and minor symptoms of allergic rhinitis. therefore, you should have a good amount of vitamin d rich foods to treat and prevent allergic rhinitis. steam inhlalation is very useful for relieving the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, such as nasal congestion, sore throat, runny nose, nasal itch, eye irritation, eye watering, and sneezing. inhale the steam, and it will help in treating allergic rhinitis.

eye drops and nasal sprays can help relieve itchiness and other allergy-related symptoms for a short time. however, depending on the product, you may need to based on the results of a 2016 study, frankincense oil may help against perennial allergic rhinitis. you can dilute it in a carrier oil and use saline sprays. these over-the-counter saltwater sprays can flush out your nasal passages. they help clear out pollen and other irritants., .

adding probiotics to your diet is a good start. research shows that probiotics — which are plentiful in many yogurts and fermented food such as some allergy sufferers swear by alternative home remedies for seasonal allergies. these include butterbur (a plant also known as petasites treatments that may improve symptoms include extracts of the shrub butterbur, spirulina (a type of dried algae) and other herbal remedies. based on the limited, .

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