alternative medicine for muscle pain

alternative medicine refers to low- to no-risk treatments that are used instead of conventional (standard) ones. there are many forms of alternative medicine. acupuncture involves stimulating certain acupoints on the body using fine needles or other methods. when acupoints are stimulated, the nerve fibers signal the spinal cord and brain to release chemicals that relieve pain. acupuncture is an effective means of relieving pain, such as for back pain and headache pain. complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine. goldman-cecil medicine.

26th ed. essentials of pain medicine. 4th ed. in: niederhuber je, armitage jo, kastan mb, doroshow jh, tepper je, eds. philadelphia, pa: elsevier; 2020:chap 31. updated by: linda j. vorvick, md, clinical associate professor, department of family medicine, uw medicine, school of medicine, university of washington, seattle, wa. also reviewed by david zieve, md, mha, medical director, brenda conaway, editorial director, and the a.d.a.m. the information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. links to other sites are provided for information only — they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites.

the use of herbs in doms seems safer and has lower side effects than pharmacotherapy. eccentric muscular contractions in downhill running, hopping, plyometric exercising, squatting, and the lowering phase of lifting weights can produce doms (connolly et al., 2003 ▶). in addition, in the last decades, the application of herbs in the prevention and treatment of doms is growing. curcumin ingestion has been reported to attenuate the cause of doms (nicol et al., 2015 ▶; tanabe et al., 2015 ▶). the effects of curcumin on the inflammation and recovery of running performance after downhill running in male mice has been reported and found to be effective in terms of reducing cytokines and creatine kinase enzyme (davis et al., 2007 ▶).

however, ginger may attenuate the day-to-day progression of muscle pain (black and o’connor, 2010 ▶). this effect may be related to the effect of cinnamon on cell membrane integrity (meamarbashi and rajabi, 2013 ▶). suggested that the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative capacities of allicin would decrease the inflammatory response and muscle damage after eccentric exercise (su et al., 2008 ▶). some of the adverse effects and drug interactions reported for herbal products could be caused by impurities (e.g. hence, the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures is mostly dependent on the reduction degree of symptoms and signs and the duration of its effectiveness in combination with minimum possible side effects.

turmeric and other anti-inflammatory spices turmeric ginger cinnamon garlic cayenne black pepper clove get our wellness newsletter. alternative therapy encompasses a variety of disciplines, including acupuncture, guided imagery, chiropractic treatment, yoga, hypnosis, marijuana. setting aside the controversy, marijuana has been shown to have medicinal properties and can help with some types of chronic pain., related symptoms, related symptoms, conditions that may have muscle pain as a symptom.

12 natural muscle relaxers 1. cherries and tart cherry juice. cherries and cherry juice as natural muscle relaxants 2. blueberries. there are many forms of alternative medicine. they include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, hypnosis, biofeedback, meditation, yoga, ginger (zingiberofficinale) has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. there are many scientific pieces of evidence regarding the effectiveness of ginger, .

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