alternative medicine for ovarian cancer

aromatherapy can be used to enhance the quality of life as a complementary treatment through reducing stress, pain, and depression and by producing a feeling of well-being. meditation is a relaxation method that can be useful as a complementary therapy for treating chronic pain, insomnia, and improving the overall quality of life. a mental separation from the outside world is the goal of meditation, which is promoted as a way of reducing stress on both the mind and body. in chinese medicine, acupuncture is used as an anesthetic during surgery, relieve the symptoms of a variety of conditions, and is believed to have the power to cure certain diseases. transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (or tens) is a cam therapy used for pain relief in which a device transmits electrical impulses through electrodes to an area of the body.

kava (aka kava kava, kavalactones) is a member of the pepper family that grows as a large shrub and is native to many islands in the south pacific. the dried root is promoted as a remedy to provide energy to people who are fatigued and improve concentration. st. john’s wort (aka goatweed, amber, klamath weed, kira) is a shrub-like plant native to asia, northern africa, and europe and is also cultivated in the united states. the best way to get vitamin a is to eat a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and animal fats. the recommended daily allowance of vitamin e from food is 15mg per day, which should be able to be obtained from a balanced diet. coenzyme q10 (aka coq10) is an enzyme that regulates chemical reactions in the body and is believed to be an antioxidant.

several in vitro and in vivo studied conducted to evaluate cytotoxic effects of quercetin on ovarian cancer. the various molecular and genetic alterations of these types of ovarian cancer as well as their different responses to therapies lead to a challenge in design a common treatment strategy [6]. several studies have investigated cytotoxic effects of quercetin on ovarian cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. thus, in this review, we focused on chemo-preventive and curative attitude of quercetin for ovarian cancer and summarize some of the most recent findings which regard the possible molecular mechanisms by which this natural compound inhibits this cancer. the dynamic alteration in cytokines of ascites has been indicated in a recent study in which ascites and plasma samples of advanced epithelial ovarian cancer showed a remarkable change in cytokines and inflammatory molecules [35]. moreover, increased nitrosylation of caspase-3 which leads to a significant reduction in the activity of caspase-3 was seen in ovarian tumors.

quercetin is also observed to arrest cell cycle in several types of cancers. recently, the effects of quercetin on ovarian cancer have been interesting for many researchers. this form of quercetin significantly inhibited growth of ovarian cancer cells both in vitro and in xenograft ovarian cancer mice. the cell cycle modulation and cytotoxic effect of quercetin on ovarian cancer cells was investigated in an in vitro study. [88] evaluated the effect of quercetin on sensitization of ovarian cancer cells to trail. za contributed in conception, design and drafting of the manuscript.

lavender oil is promoted to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle tension. inhaled peppermint and ginger oil may help to reduce chemotherapy-related quercetin is one of the phytochemicals that exists extensively in daily foods. wide evidences revealed that quercetin is able to inhibit various naturopathic medicine focuses on reducing the risk of harmful effects from cancer treatment with a variety of natural therapies that may help with, ovarian cancer cured by diet, ovarian cancer cured by diet, reversing ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer alternative treatment stories, supplements for ovarian cancer.

research suggests that at least half of all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer turn to complementary therapies. these may be herbs, supplements, relaxation techniques like meditation or guided imagery, or strategies such as acupuncture or massage. turmeric [curcuma longa] one of the active ingredients in turmeric is curcumin, which has shown several indications of being a useful treatment you may hear about alternative or complementary methods that your doctor hasn’t mentioned to treat your cancer or relieve symptoms. these methods can include researchers from the university of michigan comprehensive cancer center have found that ginger not only kills cancer cells, it also prevents, new ovarian cancer drug approved, ovarian cancer functional medicine.

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