alternative therapies for hypertension

according to the american college of cardiology (acc), a person should start hypertension treatment involving lifestyle changes, and sometimes medication, when their blood pressure reaches 130/80 millimeters of mercury (mm hg). there is a range of blood pressure medications that have various effects on the body. for this reason, the acc advises one of these additional treatments: research suggests some types of alternative medicine can produce small decreases in blood pressure in individuals with hypertension. meditation involves focusing the mind on a particular thought or object. a 2017 review evaluated the effects of meditation on the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases.

most of the studies reported that yoga could reduce hypertension and suggested that clinical guidelines should include yoga as a therapy. systolic is the top blood pressure reading, which shows the force on the arteries during a contraction of the heart during a heartbeat. different conditions can cause this serious issue, and the drug of choice depends on the cause. the american heart association (aha) notes that the risk of death from a heart attack or stroke doubles with every 10 mm hg diastolic increase or 20 mm hg systolic blood pressure increase in individuals aged 40–89. hypertension, or high blood pressure, is fairly common in the u.s. it can cause heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, or kidney disease because of the damage it can have on organs in the body. here, we explain how to take a blood pressure reading, what the readings mean, and how to prevent high blood… dietary choices can help manage high blood pressure.

added care is needed in monitoring the use and effects of herbal and alternative therapies in the hypertensive population. it is likely also that interactions of herbals and supplements with these agents will also affect the pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic properties of antihypertensive drugs. therefore, manufacturers are mainly responsible for safety and accuracy of the labeling of such products. an appreciation of the cultural background and beliefs of the patient regarding herbal dietary supplements may help in establishing trust with the patient.

there is due cause for concern about ingestion of ephedra-containing supplements in persons with hypertension and heart disease. strokes also occurred in 10% and seizures in 7% of all the reports. this is a prescription drug that has been available for about 30 years and has long been known to be present in the bark of a west african tree. this is because many herbs contain digitalis-like glycosides.37 many herbs and supplements can also affect anticoagulation levels or bleeding times.28 especially in the case of coumadin that has a narrow therapeutic range, such interactions may be serious. more vigilance is needed in monitoring the use of herbals, supplements, and other nontraditional medications in the hypertensive population.

minerals such as magnesium; products like dark cocoa, coenzyme q10, and garlic. they boost nitric oxide, which helps your blood pressure. the best evidence exists for dark chocolate, coenzyme q10, qigong, slow breathing techniques, and meditation. two rcts support bp reduction by treating vitamin techniques that may be used include cognitive behavioral therapy, relaxation therapy, guided imagery, and psychological education. the methods, .

are you ok with non-drug treatments and if so, are her current supplements and lifestyle likely to help her blood pressure? page 3. 5/13/2021. 3. herbs may strengthen and tone the body’s systems. as with any therapy, you should work with your health care provider before starting treatment. the potential herbal remedies woolf identified include mistletoe extract, used in traditional chinese medicine to treat hypertension., .

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