alternative therapy for lupus

in fact, one study found that more than half of people with lupus used some type of cam to manage their health.1 the cam therapies used most in the u.s. are supplements, deep breathing, meditation, massage, chiropractic visits, and specialty diets.1-2 the reviews are mixed when it comes to herbs, vitamins, and other over-the-counter supplements. but, there is little evidence to support the usefulness of vitamin e, evening primrose oil, or green tea. some research suggests it helps with pain and inflammation, but it is unknown how these substances interact with lupus drugs.3 over-the-counter herbs and vitamins are not regulated by the u.s. food & drug administration. this means that it is difficult to know if a supplement contains a helpful active ingredient or how much. stress reduction techniques remain a popular way to manage pain and the pressures of dealing with a chronic illness like lupus. some of the most common ways to reduce stress are:1-2 the idea that the mind can influence the body is an ancient one, and there is growing science to support the value of stress reduction practices like these.

exercise such as yoga and tai chi work as both exercise and stress reduction.2 many of these therapies may help manage symptoms and improve quality of life but should be used with caution. people often think of herbs and vitamins, in particular, as more natural than prescription drugs. some vitamins and herbal supplements may decrease the effectiveness or interact badly with your lupus medicines. this includes over-the-counter drugs. this information is not designed to replace a physician’s independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

because we recognize that there are also alternative treatments to biomedicine and pharmaceutical drugs, we wanted to take some time to address these alternative medications and therapies in this blog. a lack of enough vitamin a has been linked to inflammation in the intestines, lungs, and skin. in recent testing, high doses of vitamin d were safe and appeared to temper some of the destructive immune system responses believed to cause lupus.

it has been known to help pain, and may help diminish some lupus symptoms. yep, you heard right…the same frankincense sang in christmas carols, and notably mentioned in the bible as a gift for baby jesus. the extracts from the herb are high in concentrations of flavonoids and terpenoids. it is not approved by the fda and  is not covered by insurance.

although more studies are needed, nac and turmeric/curcumin may prove useful for reducing oxidative stress, improving endothelial function or proteinuria in sle there is some evidence that acupuncture can provide relief from arthritis pain, and that meditation and biofeedback techniques can offer relief from stress and the most frequently used cam are non-vitamin, non-mineral products such as omega 3 oils, ginseng, deep breathing, meditation and yoga. what drives the use of, related health topics, related health topics.

omega-3 fatty acids can curb inflammation. in addition, several studies have also found that they improve lupus symptoms.2 you can increase your alternative lupus therapies/treatments woman eating healthy happy diet: massage: massage can be beneficial and therapeutic to those with chronic joint and many people look to complementary and alternative medicine (cam) to help them deal with their lupus symptoms. these treatments may provide, . alternative treatments for lupusacupuncture.biofeedback.massage.meditation.chiropractic treatments.herbs and other supplements.

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