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i work as an office manager and ca for a very busy downtown chiropractic and massage center. while i feel people who have perhaps been injured on the job or in a car accident do benefit from some adjustments or “manipulations of the spine”, our clinic has been trending more towards family care, and watching a 6 month old get “adjusted” makes me sick. edit: i personally do not feel every chiropractor is “bunk” (hence the 90%) and we have two very great chiropractors in our seven chiropractor office who i feel do great, honest and rehabilitative work with patients. the others in the office, and unfortunately, the others in the community i have dealt with first hand and in seminars (i’ve met about 250 chiropractors) strongly, strongly believe they can cure ailments (cancer, asthma, infertility, ms, allergies, epilepsy, etc) by doing adjustments on the spine and neck.

i do not share these beliefs, which is why i am quitting. which by the way, is going to happen at about 10:30am pst.. so i should head to bed… keep the discussion going! explained it to the main chiropractor, who is also the owner, who told me that if i was unhappy working there and wasn’t 100% on board with his beliefs in his office than it is a good thing i am quitting. i offered to stay at least through the weekend to help clean up some stuff for the end of the week but he declined and said he would have the part time assistant do it now which was fine by me. i’ll look through to answer any questions people may have asked.

not all chiropractic follows subluxation theory. quite a bit of it is basically a combination of orthopedics, massage, and physical therapy. the problem is that a physical therapist–someone with dpt (doctor of physical therapy) after their name. they know way more about muscles and joints than either there are excellent chiropractors out there. same with acupuncturists. acupuncture can really help with improving muscle and bone strength as, orthopedist, orthopedist, doctor of chiropractic, how much do chiropractors make?, chiropractor schooling.

til chiropractic is actually a form of “alternative medicine”, where studies have not found evidence that chiropractic manipulation is effective but it doesn’t really present itself as ‘alternative’ though. in many places they are able to prescribe certain medication and make x-ray referrals. i am the only non-chiropractor/lmp in the office. alternative medicine was grandfathered in and not subjected to a science based, .

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