alternative treatment for neuropathy

once you learn that you have neuropathy, embracing ways to manage your symptoms — from tingling and weakness to throbbing pain — can help you lead a fuller, healthier life. at lakeside neurology in cornelius, north carolina, our board-certified neurologist dr. lori schneider offers onsite testing and customized, holistic treatment plans for neuropathy to minimize its effects both now and in the future. read on to learn more about these all-natural treatments for neuropathy and how they might benefit you. it’s been used for centuries in traditional chinese medicine to restore energy flow, or qi, in the body. supplements can provide natural alternatives to drug-based therapies or work alongside your medications to bring maximum comfort and relief from neuropathy symptoms.

we often recommend natural supplements and cbd-based products from green roads and medix cbd for boosted health and reduced dependency on pain-relieving drugs. physical therapy can be helpful for managing your neuropathy symptoms by improving blood flow throughout your body and strengthening your muscles. this is important given that diabetes is a risk factor for neuropathy and related complications. because diabetic neuropathy usually affects nerves in the legs and feet, professionally supported therapeutic exercise can make a valuable difference in your ability to stay safely mobile. looking for a medication that controls your migraine symptoms once they start?

8 natural treatments for peripheral neuropathy 1. vitamins 2. cayenne pepper 3. quit smoking 4. warm bath 5. exercise 6. essential oils 7. meditation 8. some people with peripheral neuropathy try alternative medicine, including acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, and energy-based modalities rub it out. some studies have shown that applying botanical oils such as geranium oil can reduce the pain of postherpetic neuralgia. other oils,, .

one fda-approved product for the treatment of neuropathy is a high-dose capsaicin patch. capsaicin, a naturally occurring compound derived from cayenne peppers r. officinalis commonly known as rosemary, belongs to labiatae family. this plant has been used in traditional medicine for several disorders such as surprisingly cayenne pepper is an effective treatment to target neuropathy. it works by decreasing the pain signals triggered by nerve damage. you can consume, .

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