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complementary and alternative medicine (cam) is a way of treating patients with an array of healing philosophies, approaches and therapies that embrace a holistic approach to care – treating the mind, body and spirit. when a therapy is used alone or instead of the proven standard of care, it’s referred to as an “alternative” therapy. provides information about:® is a website designed to provide the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends. the content is continually updated and reviewed by oncology specialists.

occam, a division of the national cancer institute (nci), has the mission to improve the quality of care of cancer patients, as well as those at risk for cancer and those recovering from cancer treatment, by contributing to the advancement of evidence-based cam practice and the sciences that support it as well as the availability of high-quality information for the health care community, researchers, and general public. please note that these resources are regularly reviewed to ensure that links still work correctly and that the resources listed continue to be helpful to our visitors. if you would like for us to consider adding your organization to this resource, please complete and submit this form. lls funds lifesaving blood cancer research around the world, provides free information and support services, and is the voice for all blood cancer patients seeking access to quality, affordable, coordinated care. the leukemia & lymphoma society is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all monetary donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by tax laws.

the term ‘complementary and alternative medicine’ has been in common use to describe therapies that are not typically part of mainstream medicine. approximately a third of children with cancer have leukemia; however, the studies do not separate the results into different cancer types when reporting complementary therapy use concurrent to cancer treatment. in the uk, complementary therapy use in adults with all cancers is similar to that of the general population with approximately 33% of patients using these therapies [7]. acupuncture is part of the ancient chinese traditional system of medicine and has been used for millennia. optimal timing of the acupuncture treatments is 1–2 days prior to the chemotherapy infusion, and continues weekly throughout the chemotherapy. in contrast to the aforementioned complementary therapies, which are appropriate for all patients with leukemia, botanical and nutritional supplements may be contraindicated depending on the therapy used and the cancer treatments received.

another risk of using botanical extracts in cancer treatment is that many of these products are advertised to “boost the immune system”. the most common complementary therapy for many cancer patients is multivitamin and multimineral use. a prominent meta-analysis of antioxidant use concurrent to chemotherapy and radiation therapy consensus is that outside of a well-designed clinical research trial, the use of antioxidants in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy is not advised [42]. the complementary therapies are of great value for decreasing leukemia-related symptoms and these therapies are safe to use concurrent to cancer treatment. regarding botanical supplements and cancer prevention and/or treatment, additional research is urgently needed to determine the efficacy and toxicity of these agents. it may not always be in a patients’ best interest to broadly stimulate the immune system, especially for patients with leukemia. this research was supported in part by a p50 at002779-05 grant from the national institutes of health and the office of dietary supplements (ods).

researchers have explored whether green tea and turmeric may be helpful for people with leukemia. the active ingredient of turmeric is curcumin, acupuncture may alleviate symptoms. acupuncture may help to enhance immune function, normalize digestion, and address disease conditions. for when a cam therapy is used in addition to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, it’s referred to as a “complementary” therapy. when a, i cured my leukemia, i cured my leukemia, cure for leukemia found, how to cure leukemia with food, leukemia foods to avoid.

complementary therapies are pleasant, inexpensive, nonpharmacologic and effective. for patients with leukemia, 4. the history of traditional medicine 4.1. hibiscus cannabinus (kenaf) 4.2. ginseng root 4.3. euphorbia formosana hayata (ef) 4.4. garlic (allium sativum). leukemia treatment tools insulin potentiation therapy (ipt) ozone therapy packs a punch hyperthermia therapy supercharges treatment iv, supplements for leukemia, alternative ways to cure cll.

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