alternative treatments for lymphedema

the lymphatic system moves fluid throughout the body to help fight off pathogens and filter waste. in addition to conventional medical treatments for lymphedema, the condition can also be managed with various complementary and alternative treatments, including mind-body medicine, external energy therapies, and several other types of treatment. mind-body approaches, including self-awareness, relaxation and meditation, are widely used as complementary, alternative or integrative approaches to healthcare. treatments commonly used for lymphedema include therapeutic ultrasound, electrically stimulated lymphatic drainage, and low-level laser therapy.

other complementary/alternative treatments for lymphedema include hydrotherapy, kinesiology tape, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. complementary and alternative medicine and lymphedema. seminars in oncology nursing. (2013). complementary, alternative, and other non-complete decongestive therapy (cdt) treatment methods in the management of lymphedema: a systematic search and review.. pm & r : the journal of injury, function, and rehabilitation.

the information in our articles is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. you can often recognize someone is struggling with lymphedema if a part or all of their entire arm or leg, including the fingers and toes, are visually very swollen. this is what occurs during a case of lymphedema — the lymph vessels are unable to sufficiently drain the lymph fluid. lymphedema can also occur in the trunk of the body in addition to the limbs.

there are several ways to treat lymphedema in the legs, arms and other areas of the body. aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming can really help to move lymph fluid out of your problem areas and lower the swelling. according to memorial sloan kettering cancer center, deep breathing helps to stimulate the movement of lymph fluid in the body. as usual, what you eat and don’t eat can really help you to manage a health condition like lymphedema.

other complementary/alternative treatments for lymphedema include hydrotherapy, kinesiology tape, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. hydrotherapy involves pressure garments; exercise; skin care; bandages; compression devices; weight loss; laser therapy; drug therapy; surgery; massage a typical herbal formula to help move lymph is equal parts of cleavers, mullein (verbascum spp.), prickly ash bark (zanthoxylum spp.) and red, related health topics, related health topics.

another option for treatment of lymphedema is surgery, but this could be offer to a very few numbers of patients. hence complementary therapies have been used for lymphedema most frequently. these include a range of therapies such as physiotherapy, exercise, yoga, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. home treatments for lymphedema include manual lymphatic massage, multilayer bandaging techniques and application of various compressive the disease, which stems from a damaged lymphatic system, can lead to infections, disfigurement, debilitating pain and disability. there is no take care of your whole body. eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. exercise daily, if you can. reduce stress. try to get enough sleep., .

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