alternative treatments for pcos

meanwhile, the limitations of the literature about cam in the treatment of pcos are mentioned and analyzed as well. ee designed a protocol to verify their hypothesis that the mechanism of acupuncture for obese pcos patients is improving ir [14]. li [25] conducted a study on 62 pcos patients undergoing ivf-et and found that ea can improve the quality of oocytes. they found that acupoint catgut embedding can significantly improve ir and increase the expression of mir-125b in pcos rats’ ovaries. the total effective rate of these two groups was 53.3% and 46.7%, respectively. studies have also reported that the mechanism of auricular points in pcos is that it can regulate the functions of the anterior pituitary and ovaries [36]. it is concluded that the tanshinone capsule could improve the lipid metabolism of pcos patients and regulate the function of the hpoa.

studies have indicated that the mechanism of glycyrrhetinic acid in treating pcos lies in the fact that it can enhance insulin sensitivity and reduce testosterone in pcos patients. zhang and wu [62] analyzed that the mechanism of cdd in the treatment of pcos is to improve ir. studies have pointed out that elevated hcy will increase the risk of long-term complications such as cardiovascular and reproductive symptoms in patients with pcos [79, 80]. [83] confirmed that the increase in ir, obesity, and hcy levels in pcos patients is related to the decrease of vitamin b12. extensive research papers have proven that the treatment of vitamin e in patients with pcos has a significant effect [98, 99]. a study has shown that yoga can help control endocrine function and relieve symptoms of pcos [113]. owing to the fact that pcos has the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease, etc., we speculate that qigong also has a certain effect in the treatment of pcos [120]. in the future, we need larger samples and rcts to confirm the efficacy and safety of cam in the treatment of pcos to provide a new method for pcos.

there is a strong link between pcos and insulin resistance, similar to the pathology of diabetes. while the evidence for lifestyle medicine is strong, including maintaining a healthy weight and consuming an anti-inflammatory diet, chinese medicine and acupuncture have also been found to play a role in pcos management.

over six to seven months, a study was conducted in which 24 women with pcos were placed on a low-fat diet of 1000 calories per day.7 at the beginning of the study, all of the women had obesity and menstrual disturbances, 12 of the women experienced infertility, and 19 had excessive hair growth, each of which is a common symptom of pcos. it is a complex endocrine disorder that may affect up to 10 percent of reproductive-aged women, so additional research into causes and development of the condition is required. wholisticmatters offers health care practitioners and nutrition enthusiasts alike the opportunity to create a free profile for access to site features like bookmarking.

there’s enough research to make a case for acupuncture as an alternative treatment for pcos. acupuncture may helptrusted source pcos by: increasing blood flow the researchers found vitex agnus-castus and cimicifuga racemosa to be most effective in managing irregular ovulation and resultant infertility. the natural remedies most often used include supplements, such as vitamins, minerals and fish oils, and herbal medicine in the forms of teas, tablets or liquid., related conditions, related conditions, symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

numerous studies have indicated that using cam including acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine, tai chi, yoga, and qigong can also effectively treat pcos with ensuring your body has the proper vitamins is vital to healing. supplements can help your body build its immune system, restore energy levels, conventional, alternative, any lifestyle medicine can all play a role in managing pcos. while the evidence for lifestyle medicine is strong,, .

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