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the hallmarks of arthritis are joint stiffness and pain. ever notice how a warm shower loosens up your joints and muscles in the morning? heat—such as from a shower, bath, electric blanket or heating pad—helps relieve stiffness and gets blood flowing to the muscles so you feel able to move again. if your arthritic knee hurts after you’ve been standing or walking all day, apply an ice pack (a pack of frozen veggies also works) to the painful or swollen area for no more than 20 minutes. gentle yoga and tai chi are both low-impact exercises you can easily learn and do from home. yoga focuses on breathing and proper alignment of your body in different stretches and poses, some standing, sitting or bending over, on a mat. yoga can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, and it can also help reduce stress, making you feel more relaxed. according to the arthritis foundation, tai chi has been shown to reduce joint pain and improve range of motion and function, as well as feelings of well-being. if you don’t have a pool you can use at home, you may have to go to the gym or local swim club for this one.

swimming—or even just doing aerobic exercises in a pool—can be of great benefit for people with arthritis. the key is to exercise in a way that has a low impact on your bones and joints. the more you weigh, the more pressure there is on your already painful bones and joints. taking this pressure off means you’ll be able to move better, you’ll have less pain, and it will help prevent or reduce damage to your joints. so if you need help losing weight, go for it. learn how to balance the foods you eat every day and stay active, as active as you can. certain nuts and seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. eat them plain, over a salad or in a fruit or vegetable smoothie. when you need quick pain relief at home or on the go, bc® arthritis can help. powder pain relief absorbs quickly and our convenient, on-the-go, sealed stick packs let you slip one or two in your pocket or purse to take with you wherever you go.

many home or over-the-counter remedies can effectively treat knee arthritis pain, making day-to-day living easier and more comfortable. heat therapy may reduce pain and improve circulation in and around the knee joint. a cold compress may be applied to an arthritic joint periodically and/or after physical activity. in addition, compresses should not be used in combination with topical medications, as there is a risk of injuring the skin and/or altering the medications effectiveness. (in general, it is advised to consult with a doctor if undiagnosed knee pain is severe or lasts for more than a couple of weeks.) these devices are sometimes used by physical therapists and are available to buy online and in stores without a doctor’s prescription. oral pain relievers, such as ibuprofen (advil) and naproxen (aleve) may temporarily relieve knee arthritis pain.

in particular, nsaids can cause stomach upset, and regular use can lead to a bleeding ulcer, which can be potentially life-threatening. people older than age 72 are advised to consult with their health care providers, as a lower dose of medication may be appropriate. they can provide fast, localized pain relief and are less likely to carry serious risks and cause side effects. the pain reduction is usually not dramatic, but it may be helpful, especially when combined with exercise and an anti-inflammatory diet. relaxation techniques, such as meditation, visual imagery, biofeedback, or hypnosis can be used to lessen knee pain. this site is for educational purposes only; no information is intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. © 1999-2022 veritas health, llc.

9 herbs to fight arthritis pain 1. aloe vera 2. boswellia 3. cat’s claw 4. eucalyptus 5. ginger 6. green tea 7. thunder god vine 8. turmeric. remedies and treatments for arthritis daily exercise encourages the joints to move. sit up straight to keep the body aligned. find a balance relaxation therapy. meditating, doing yoga, deep breathing, listening to music, being in nature, writing in a journal — do whatever helps you relax. there’s no, .

6 natural remedies for arthritis stinging nettle (urtica dioica). capsaicin—the “hot” chemical in red chili peppers—can relieve the pain of arthritis. doses here are 6 things you can do to help treat your arthritis: 1. apply heat and cold therapy. ever notice how a warm shower loosens up your joints and muscles in heat or cold treatment may provide immediate, short-term pain relief from knee arthritis. heat therapy may reduce pain and improve circulation in and around the, .

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