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the pollution and dust while frequently stepping out can make the breathing process difficult for many. “this is caused by the accumulation of kapha dosha in the body. “air pollution aggravates the imbalance in prana vata and shleshaka kapha, which leads to the production of shleshma (mucus) and settles in the nasal area and clogs the channels of the sinuses. due to the underlying imbalance in prana vata and shleshaka kapha, sinus is caused,” he adds. this process cleanses the throat of phlegm, clears the sinuses and reduces the risk of allergic reaction in the respiratory system. take a small amount of any edible oil, sesame or sunflower, and swish around your mouth for a few minutes and spit out.

strain the water in a cup and add mishri (cane sugar). this will cleanse the lungs and liquefy the kapha. ghee in nostrils: dip your little finger in liquid ghee and massage each nostril. this helps in clearing the nasal congestion and balancing kapha. vasp swedana (inhaling steam): mucosal secretions produced in the nose and throat expel pollutants, smoke and dirt particles that are inhaled daily. pranayama: pranayama helps in increasing the capacity of the lungs and boosts your immunity to fight lung diseases. practicing kapalbhati helps in relieving shortness of breath, congestion in the chest and clears mucus in the air passage.

the respiratory system is vital for you to live. in ayurvedic context, when too much vata (space +air) accumulates in the lungs we experience breathlessness, dry coughs, asthma, hoarseness of the voice, weak voice, pain when breathing and even lung allergies. ama is the sticky product of undigested food, and lowers immunity in the body. the goal of all treatments and therapies of ayurveda is to enhance ojas. consuming the right foods plays a vital part in healing and strengthening of the lungs. pranayama is an excellent way to revitalize prana within the body.

it is important to practice with the proper posture to allow the breath to move freely in the body. an ayurveda doctor with 14 years of experience in yoga, panchakarma and general wellness. are you looking for cures to […] your lungs are constantly working to provide your body with all the oxygen it needs to function well. it’s the season for celebrations and […] ayurveda is essentially feminine in its essence. internally, moisture […] in everyday language, people refer to insomnia and the occasional bouts of sleeplessness interchangeably, but they are not the same. ayurveda considers “tila taila” or sesame oil as the queen of all […] warm humid weather, sunshine, and unruly, frazzled locks?

lung toner ayurvedic tea: take 3-4 tulsi leaves, a small amount of mulethi and pipali, blend and boil them in water until it is reduced to half. it cleanses and strengthens the physical body while calming the mind. it is important to practice with the proper posture to allow the breath pranayama may be the ultimate tool to help support healthy lung function. it conditions the diaphragm while helping to more fully oxygenate the, related conditions, related conditions.

vasaka leaf, also known as adhatoda vasica or malabar nut is a popular ayurvedic respiratory healer. it works as a strong stimulator of the bronchial system thereby eliminates excess phlegm from the throat, clear the lungs and improves bronchodilation, and treats bronchitis, tuberculosis, and other lung disorders. turmeric is rich in curcumin which is useful in relieving sinus and congestion and improves lung function. in addition to being a rich source of to reduce the mucus congestion in chest we advise upper back massage at bedtime. this is done with special oils but can also be done with some studies have even found that ginger extract can kill lung cancer cells. thus, one of the best ways to strengthen your lungs and immunity is, .

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