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it helps your body clear your airways of mucus, smoke, and other irritants. when infected or irritated by a cough or sore throat, the cells in your upper airways (nose and throat) trigger your immune system to help fight back. but you also can try some home remedies to quiet and soothe your cough. staying hydrated thins the drip so it’s less likely to irritate your throat and trigger a cough. these chemicals swell your nose and make more mucus, which can set off a cough. it soothes the scratchiness in the back of your throat. these can help reduce inflammation of the upper airways. the liquids are hydrating, and the heat helps to lower congestion. the spicy root may help relax the smooth muscles in your airways. some natural otc products that contain very low doses of aspirin also help reduce the symptoms of sore throat and cough.

that may irritate the sinuses and up mucus production, which sets the stage for hacking. you may need to wash your sheets in hot water, clean your floors with a hepa-filter vacuum, and scrub windows with a bleach solution. when you lie flat, the mucus can pool and irritate your throat. to put gravity on your side, use an extra pillow or raise the head of your bed with a stable surface, such as books. it can also help clear away allergens and bacteria. smoking paralyzes the tiny hairs lining your lungs, called the cilia, which clear out mucus and dirt. steer clear of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and secondhand smoke. a steamy shower or bath can help loosen the mucus and congestion behind your cough. it flushes out cough-inducing mucus and allergens from your nasal passages and sinuses. with your head tilted over a sink, use a neti pot, nasal cup, or bulb syringe to pour salt water in one nostril and let it drain out of the other.

as annoying as a cough can be, it is a healthy response to an irritant in your throat or airways. if your cough is making it hard to function during the day (or becoming a liability at work), try one of these remedies to help tame the hacking. the warmth of a drink like tea or lemon water can soothe a throat that feels raw or sore from coughing. cough drops are good for soothing a dry, irritated throat and reducing that constant urge to cough.

that’s not ideal during the day, but can be beneficial at night if you have a dry cough that is keeping you awake. the drying effect of an antihistamine can make mucus thicker and harder to clear from the airways, which could make your cough worse, says the american academy of family physicians. placing a cool-mist vaporizer or a humidifier right next to your bed can help keep your airway passages moist and reduce the likelihood that a dry, hacking cough will wake you up. if you just can’t shake your cough after a few weeks or you’re experiencing wheezing, fever, shortness of breath, or persistent pain or pressure in your chest, see your doctor, says dr. carrasquillo. should you use soap and water or hand sanitizer to protect against… the death of a 4-year-old in california underscores the seriousness of the illness and the importance of vaccination, health officials say.

honey and saltwater gargles are popular home remedies for coughing. you can also drink herbal teas made of peppermint, ginger, slippery elm, thyme, turmeric, or swallow some honey. it soothes the scratchiness in the back of your throat. look to nature. other natural remedies include aloe and menthol. the warmth of a drink like tea or lemon water can soothe a throat that feels raw or sore from coughing. warm fluids also help to loosen mucus,, .

people have used thyme (thymus vulgaris) to relieve dry irritating coughs for centuries. the herb’s leaves contain cough-calming compounds instead of just adding honey to water, make it even more effective by adding a pinch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. people also, . twelve natural cough remedieshoney tea. according to some research, honey may relieve coughs. ginger. ginger may ease a dry or asthmatic cough, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. fluids. staying hydrated is vital for those with a cough or cold. steam. marshmallow root. salt-water gargle. bromelain. thyme.

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