cough treatment at home

the risks of using these medicines is more than any help the medicines might have in reducing cold symptoms. a good home remedy is safe, does not cost a lot, and can help your child feel better. for children 3 months to 1 year of age: infants with a common cold may feed more slowly or not feel like eating, because they are having trouble breathing. try to suction baby’s nose before attempting to breast or bottle-feed. use salt water (saline) nose spray or drops to loosen up dried mucus, followed by asking your child to blow his or her nose or by sucking the liquid from the nose with a bulb syringe. if you do not have nose spray or drops, warm water will work fine. then suck out the liquid or have your child blow his or her nose. you can buy saline nose drops and sprays in a pharmacy without a prescription, or you can make your own saline solution.

do nose washes whenever your child can’t breathe through the nose. keep doing the nasal washes until what comes out of the nose is clear. do not give infants under 1 year honey; it will not help with symptoms and can cause a sickness called infant botulism. (if you do not have honey, you can use corn syrup). for children 2 years and older: rub a thick layer of a mentholated rub on the skin over the chest and neck (over the throat). as with all medicines, once you are done putting the medicine on your child, put it up and away, out of the reach of children. only treat symptoms if they make your child uncomfortable, have trouble sleeping, or the cough is really bothersome (e.g., a hacking cough). because fevers help your child’s body fight infections, only treat a fever if it slows your child down or causes discomfort.

honey and saltwater gargles are popular home remedies for coughing. you can also drink herbal teas made of peppermint, ginger, slippery elm, age 6 years and older. use cough drops to decrease the tickle in the throat. if you don’t have any, you can use hard candy. avoid cough drops instead of just adding honey to water, make it even more effective by adding a pinch of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice. people also, .

if cold symptoms are not bothering your child, he or she doesn’t need medicine or home remedies. many children with a cough or a stuffy nose i tried honey with hot water and magically helped with my, .

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