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fatkin natural healing llc is a wellness center owned and operated by dr. zachary fatkin. a diagnostic tool to measure rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart to identify what nutrients the body could be deficient in. a simple hand electro-sensor test that reports the balance between your heart and nervous system. i am a husband and a proud father of four wonderful children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old. i have been in private practice for 20 years in the muhlenberg township area. my dad was no stranger to the chiropractor, but this was my first time. through other health challenges several years ago, i stumbled across a therapy which turned out to be the answer to my health problems.

after designing and administering a nutritional program for him, he no longer needed his inhaler. i have lived in muhlenberg my entire life and i started my career as an office manager for a small service company. shortly after my daughter was born i had some very severe back pain. honestly, i laughed; but i read the article and never drank a diet soda again. this experience inspired me to investigate the food i was both eating and feeding my family. eventually, i left my office manager job due to the migraines and came to work for dr. fatkin. i assumed that my new position would be temporary, but it turned out that i loved doing this work and helping people feel better. this is the most thorough medical massage program to be offered in the united states.

dr. zachary fatkin is a highly respected chiropractor, nutritionist, and naturopathic doctor serving berks county and the surrounding area. fatkin natural healing call us @ 610-939-0780 to schedule your $37 initial nutrition evaluation ($93 savings) or a $65 initial chiropractic exam ($20 savings) elizabeth ‘ej’ jackson visits fatkin natural healing to, fatkin chiropractic, fatkin chiropractic, smith wellness, dr tabitha super.

purchase standard process products online from fatkin natural healing. we are a premier practitioner authorized to sell standard process inc. supplements. with over 20 years of experience, we offer chiropractic care, nutritionist evaluation and consulting, kangen water subscriptions, medical massage, red light fatkin natural healing 498 e bellevue ave. reading, pa 19605. directions (610) 939-0780. call now more info. hours, accepts credit cards, wi-fi, gender, .

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