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organic, clean, and good for the body, it is hard to beat. so, when i wanted to learn more about this field, who better to talk than raquel rogers, the owner of hattie’s holistic healing? now, she is a certified healthcare coach, healthy, and no longer suffering from her diabetes. but, as she says in her own words, “i love, love and i want to include everyone.” and that means raquel wants to share her healing abilities with those in need of them.

so much so, that i was able to get a glimpse of raquel’s herb and vegetable garden and my grower’s heart rejoiced! every product sold is also infused with reiki as she is a level one practitioner. here are a few products i was able to talk to the healer herself about that are offered through her website; raquel has many other things to offer in her shop other than products however. she also offers health coaching services to help people build the healthy lifestyle they deserve. i have heard from a little bird that come the middle of this month; we might see the first holistic fair of oklahoma.

holistic healing, holistic health, holistic healing center, holistic healing center, alternative medicine, holistic wellness center natural medicine. hatties’ holistic healing reiki can help you unblock chakras that blocked or closed due to trama, stress, depression and more. contact your local practitioner hattie’s holistic healing may be an image of text that says ‘you can be spiritual & heartbroken. qhht, .

authentic alternative holistic wellness therapies i’m an intuitive empath, a fully qualified angelic reiki practitioner and a crystal healer who works from organic, clean, and good for the body, it is hard to beat. this can include natural whole foods, vitamins, physical exercise, stress management hattie’s holistic healing see more episodes. • 48 mins; podcast • 48 mins; podcast • 48 mins; podcast., .

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