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in traditional chinese medicine (tcm), gout pertains the category of bi pattern due to qi stagnation in the meridians and collaterals. it is recorded in treatise on blood trouble that the transportation and transformation function of spleen is closely related to the disease mechanism of gout. the main different types of and the therapeutic principles of gout. in another clinical reports, it is also illustrated that combined application of qingre chubi decoction and etoricoxib tablets was better than etoricoxib tablets used alone to treat acute gout [24, 25]. in conclusion, tcm formulas has better clinical efficacy and higher safety than chemical drugs in the treatment of gout. radix achyranthis bidentatae is sweet in flavor, has the function of reinforcing liver and kidneys, strengthening muscles and bones, and promoting urination, and usually works on the liver and kidneys. although jiawei simiao powder, tongfeng decoction and danxi tongfeng decoction are all invented based on simiao powder, the pharmacological mechanisms of these tcm formulas are different. some studies suggested that qingre chubi decoction might inhibit the release of il-1β and tnf-α to ameliorate the acute inflammatory response of gout [56]. it took the researchers 5 years to find that guizhi shaoyao zhimu decoction has the function of relieving pain, anti-inflammation and healing bone injury. the main pharmacological mechanisms of the treatment of acute gout and gout during the remission. evaluating the efficacy and adverse effects of clearing heat and removing dampness method of traditional chinese medicine by comparison with western medicine in patients with gout. discussion on the pathogenesis of gout in traditional chinese medicine.

chen j. clinical effect of jiawei simiao pills in the treatment of gouty arthritis. clinical effect of modified guizhi fuling pill and wuwei xiaoduyin in the treatment of gout. tang zy, chen ct. efficacy and mechanism of ‘tongfengshu capsule’ in the treatment of gouty arthritis. based on the theory of “internal retention pathogenic dampness lead to bi” to discuss the relationship between dampness and gout. advances in studies on chemical compositions of atractylodes lancea and their biological activities. effect of modified simiao powder decoction on inflammatory cytokines and multiple target regulatory signaling pathway for rats with acute gouty arthritis. lao bn, sun wf, li j. effect of qingre chubi decoction on anti-inflammatory and swelling-subsiding action and on inflammatory factor in acute gout rats. effects of emodin on the expression of erk1/2 and p38mapk in ra fibroblast-like synoviocytes. anti-inflammatory effect and mechanism of tongfengshu capsule on gout model animals. research on the mechanism of guishaozhimu decoction in treatment of gouty arthritis in rats via toll- myd88 and nlrp3 inflammasomes signaling pathway hubei university of chinese medicine. liu hy, wang l. effects of tongfengan mixture on ankle joint swelling, msu crystal numbers and blood c-reactive protein expression in the rats with acute gout. chinese herbal medicine for gout: a review of the clinical evidence and pharmacological mechanisms.

our systematic review will be conducted to critically evaluate the evidence for the safety and effectiveness of external applications of herbal medicines on gout. the results of this systematic review will be published in a peer-reviewed journal and disseminated electronically and in print. both treatment with external application of herbal medicines alone and concurrent treatment with another therapy will be considered acceptable if only external application of herbal medicines is applied to the intervention group and the other treatment is provided equally to both the intervention and control groups. prospective rcts that evaluate the effectiveness of the external application of herbal medicines for gout will be considered.

in the case of uncertainties, the authors will be contacted for further information. we will contact the corresponding authors of studies with missing information to obtain and confirm the data, if possible. therefore, in the present systematic review and meta-analysis, clinical symptoms and laboratory indicators will be analyzed to evaluate evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of external use of herbal medicine in traditional medicine used for gout. we expect that the study will be used to establish an integrated model combining both eastern and western treatment of gout. oasis = oriental medicine advanced searching integrated system, kiss = korean studies information service system, kmbase = korean medical database, cnki = china national knowledge infrastructure.

apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and turmeric are each frequently recommended anecdotally for gout. together, they make a pleasant beverage and remedy. no among these, simiao powder as well as the modified ones like jiawei simiao powder, tongfeng decoction, danxi tongfeng decoction are widely used cherries. cherries are a popular home remedy for gout. the amount usually recommended is anywhere between half a cup and one pound of cherries a, .

herbs are generally a safe way to strengthen and tone the body’s systems. as with any therapy, you should work with your provider before conventional western medicine treatments for gout focus primarily on the treatment of high uric acid. drugs such as colchicines, one qingre chubi decoction composed of herba aristolochiae mollissimae, caulis sinomenii, radix cudraniae cochinchinensi, rhizoma atractylodis, .

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