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check out that post for more on food remedies and other ways to help a cough if you don’t have any of the herbs listed below at the ready. many coughs are a result of viral infections, and coughing is one way our bodies try to clear the infection. drying violet and plantain leaves or putting up some foraged elderberries is an enjoyable way to get many of your herbal remedies for cough for free. slippery elm is often used in cough remedies, as it soothes the throat and helps alleviate the urge to cough. it can be taken in a tincture, cold infusion, decoction, or syrup, and you’ll often find it included in herbal cough syrups. take as a tincture or add to your herbal tea blend for cough relief.

sage’s ability to soothe mucous membranes makes it a natural for addressing coughs and sore throats. it’s also a nervine, so i sometimes add it to my favorite herbal blend for sleep and use more if i’m dealing with a cough. nettle is one of those multitasking herbs to keep on hand and drink often for many reasons, including as an herbal remedy for cough. you have a number of choices in how you use the herbs for cough listed above, but the simplest is surely a tea, requiring nothing more than boiling water and allowing your herbs of choice to steep. they can also be kept in the refrigerator, where they can store for up to a year. cough drops: you can make homemade lozenges or lollipops to soothe a cough using herbs and sugar. more about me and my green projects here.

use the root of this perennial to give your immune system a fighting chance. “in china, where black pepper is known as hu jiao, the herb is popular for alleviating the phlegm from a cold,” says balick, so add it to your cold-weather bone broth and enjoy the benefits. place the roots and water (1 cup of water for every 1 ounce of root) in a pot and bring to a boil. enjoy it as a tea by simmering the root in water for 10 minutes. the syrup can be stored in a sealed bottle in the fridge for up to 2 months. the dosage is 1 tsp up to 4 times a day to soothe a cough.

“traditionally, people have made a hot tea from the leaves for treatment of fevers, coughs, and colds,” says balick. this plant is a traditional treatment for respiratory problems and one of the natural ways you can heal ear infections. “the herb is a traditional treatment for coughs, bronchitis, and chest congestion,” says balick. this common kitchen herb is a classic for sore throats and coughs. “thyme tea eases coughs and bronchial spasms and helps clear congestion and mucus of a cold,” says balick. when brewed as a tea, it’s a famous english remedy for colds and the flu.

many herbal remedies for cough can be found in most kitchens, like honey, ginger, orange peel, and thyme, while others are herbs you can astragalus (astragalus membranaceus) 1 astragalus (astragalus membranaceus) ; basil 2 basil (ocimum basilicum) ; black pepper (piper nigrum). modern herbalists use sage tea to ease symptoms of bronchitis, colds, coughs, and sore throats. a close up horizontal image of a cup of herbal, .

herbs and supplements 1. honey 2. turmeric 3. ginger 4. marshmallow root 5. peppermint 6. masala chai tea 7. capsaicin. productive cough plant expectoration remedies violet: (viola odorata) the bechic properties of violet make it well suited to combat coughs, either dry or, . quiet your cough with:hyssop.oregano.sage.mint.thyme.

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