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recent studies have shown that exosomes play important role in pathogenesis as well as spread of herpes. leeches when applied over affected part of herpes sucks the blood and there by interferes with extracellular communication through these exosomes and their by showing pain reduction, reduction in burning and arrest progression of disease. principle of treatment is raktmokshan (~bloodletting) and pradeha (~local application of medicines). bloodletting with jalauka (~medicinal leeches) is specifically indicated in management of pitta dominant disorder.

we treated her herpes zoster on the basic principles of management of pittaj visarpa. rapid decrease in pain severity was observed after the 1st setting of leech therapy according to zoster specific brief pain inventory (zbpi) questionnaire. ayurveda pain management in herpes zoster by leech therapy gives innovative easy, better and cost effective treatment. future research on effect of leech application on exosomes is necessary. sciencedirect â® is a registered trademark of elsevier b.v.

herpes is a viral infection that causes recurring episodes of small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on the skin, mouth, lips (cold sores), eyes, or genitals. there are two types of hsv hsv-1 and hsv-2. until now, there was no cure for herpes and treatment mostly focused on managing symptoms and reducing the likelihood of them recurring. biogetica, a mumbai-based company that offers homeopathic and natural medical remedies, on thursday announced the results of its groundbreaking trials of a herpes medicine, which successfully marks reduced time and early treatment. biogetica’s ayurvedic remedy for herpes involves the use of a combination therapy of hyperisince and reginmune, which are extracts of a rare plant from the nilgiri hills. in 2004, dr. t vijayan from the jss school of pharmaceuticals discovered that extracts of hypericum mysorense, a rare plant found in the nilgiri hills, could completely suppress the herpes virus in-vitro.

most people believe that ayurveda takes a longer time to show results and that someone with herpes will always have recurrences both these myths have been busted now. in the trial, the combination therapy of hyperisince and reginmune was able to reduce the average time down to 3 days from nine days. the trial results also showed that 76 per cent of patients with genital herpes who took the combination of hyperisince and reginmune did not have a relapse of herpes for the follow-up period of 2 years. people with genital herpes have a higher risk of passing on the virus. it is said that around 33% of people with oral herpes and 50% of those with genital herpes experience recurring symptoms. health is a serious topic and therefore we present you with engaging, straightforward and expert-reviewed content that helps you make the best decision for any health-related queries.

in ayurveda herpes can be correlated with pittaj visarpa. principle of treatment is raktmokshan (~bloodletting) and pradeha (~local application of biogetica’s ayurvedic remedy for herpes involves the use of a combination therapy of hyperisince and reginmune, which are extracts of a rare haridra (curcuma longa): this herb contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which provide alleviate symptoms of cold sore associated, related conditions, related conditions.

five extracts, punica granatum aqueous extract (pgae), peals powder (pgpp), freeze-dried powder (pgfp), ocimum sanctum methanol extract (osme), and azadirachta ayurvedic treatment for herpes virechana involves the use of various herbs and their combinations to induce purgation. in individuals with sarasapi or sarasapika is the ayurvedic term that can be correlated with herpes infection, which means mustard like blisters. shukaja sarasapi is genital herpes, . herpes ayurvedic treatmentinclude gourd vegetables like bitter and the ridged gourds, drumstick (sargava), spinach leaves (paalakh), prickly amaranth (tandalaja), coriander leaves (dhaniya) in your diet.have fruits like pomegranate, grapes and amla.hydrate adequately – coconut water may be good.

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