holistic approach to psychosis

the enormous and devastating impact on my small family unit is actually too painful and sad to describe in detail. in trying to find the right help for our older sister and to understand why she and neither i nor my twin have developed mental illness, i have done a lot of research. she oscillates between agreeing and disputing that she has a mental disorder; we the family have the problem, not her!

we have come across many kind professionals during crisis, yet the irony is that we are trying to avoid a crisis from happening! in time there could be a comprehensive website and a directory (similar to the yellow pages). since 1983, oursister’s illness has dominated and continues to dominate the family unit however hard we have tried not to allow this. we have grown older, wearier and wiser in the process.

those who have problems with the medical theory of “madness” tend to think that psychiatric labels tend to be very poor descriptions of a person and not based in scientific evidence. in my view, it is likely that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are coinciding to cause the symptoms of psychosis. the atypicals were developed and marketed in the 90’s and thought to be far superior to the older typicals because of a smaller side effect profile and less potential for long term health problems. if a person stops taking one of these drugs cold turkey, the body suddenly becomes flooded by dopamine and is likely to experience florid psychosis. because of this it is essential that those who are experiencing a “first-break”, as well as their family members, take a long look at the pros and cons of starting one of these drugs.

those prone to extreme states and psychosis can then easily experience a recurrence of these psychotic symptoms that can lead to hospitalization. it is deeply important that the person tapers slooooowly as to avoid a relapse in psychotic symptoms. in this model, the best case scenario is to create a comfortable home based environment where a person is allowed to act in odd and unusual ways without being judged or critiqued. sometimes, there is conflict with family members and it can be very helpful to hire someone who will act as a coach and assistant to come to the home environment to interact with the individual who is going through a psychosis. supporting a person who is experiencing psychosis in a holistic manner that is non primarily based on psychiatric drugs and the medical model can be challenging.

cbt involves practical self-help strategies, which are found to ameliorate positive symptoms in schizophrenia. cbt combines two kinds of in 110 randomized controlled trials, evidence was found for glycine, sarcosine, n-acetylcysteine, some chinese and ayurvedic herbs, ginkgo a holistic approach to mental health puts the patient, not their diagnosis or their symptoms, at the center of their treatment plan., natural antipsychotic foods, natural antipsychotic foods, holistic approach to schizophrenia, natural antipsychotics, holistic approach to depression.

the holistic approach to psychosis demonstrate that schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder and spiritual emergency ‘overlap’ and can sometimes occur at that means reducing artifical lighting, encouraging an early bed time (9 pm), avoiding negative and violent media, spending time bathing, taking this type of treatment is tailored to an early stage of the illness, and it likely includes counselling, education and supportive monitoring. if, holistic approach to mental health, schizophrenia without medication forum.

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