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we are a full service mobile nursing company, predominantly offering mobile iv therapy to patients in their homes to hopefully prevent a hospitalization, aide in healing in their own environment, and help with any ailment they have occuring. we cater for a vast spectrum of patients, including everyone from athletes and busy moms to those experiencing substance issues and are seeking recovery, spa owners who wish to offer new services to their patients, families seeking a personalized healthcare service, chiropractor offices, naturopathic doctors offices and business owners. it was at this clinic that she first learned about how high doses of liquid gold vitamin c could kill cancer cells. following this, she worked in a hospital and received seven daisy awards in her very first year. nikki’s increasing experience led to her featuring on a national tv show before she founded holistic healing heroes. the team now includes two naturopathic doctors, two nurse practitioners and twelve rns. we use the highest dose possible for immunity, energy, and antivirals. we customize the iv according to the symptoms you are having or what your desired outcomes are (i.e. more energy, fighting cancer, fighting covid, athletic recovery, hangover recovery, etc) for most patients, they experience more energy, boost of immunity, potentially recover quickly from viruses, colds, hangovers, and other ailments.

another thing that sets us apart from many of the other iv companies on the market is that we do so much more than iv. we are a full-service mobile nursing company that offers mobile iv therapy to patients in the comfort of their own homes. a good friend of mine, told me about nurse nikki, we made an appointment, they came out and checked his vitals, gave him an iv and an injection of vitamin d3, he is doing so much better now! i love this company they helped me more ways then one i am a brand new survivor of cancer and ended up with double pneumonia covid. they came to my home no judgment loved me and cared for me with ivs and nursed me back to health. in my household to see if they were ok. i highly recommend this company. my most recent visit with hhh was i had them come out to give me an iv because my energy was so low. my nurse was great, very professional, very friendly and right on time. i highly recommend her and her team, they are great.

that’s in addition to the 479,000 vietnam veterans that the veterans administration has diagnosed with ptsd. our society did little to rehabilitate the veterans returning from vietnam. clients are able to bond with the animals and learn valuable lessons about respect, empathy and communication that will help them in their recovery journey. interactions with the horses bring up thought and behavior patterns that are related to the issues that have brought clients into treatment. clients are often able to connect with and feel empathy for the horses or cattle before being able to connect with or feel empathy for themselves or others.

the type of therapy depends on their situation and access to professional care. our therapists often work with patients with ptsd to help them learn to become more aware of their inner experience and to begin to befriend what is going on inside themselves. learning from past experiences and better vocalizing of feelings are other important areas to address. prolonged exposure (pe) — this is a type of therapy that involves discussing, facing and recalling the traumatic event in detail in order to gain control over upsetting thoughts, physical reactions and feelings about the trauma. your generous donation will help fund our mission as we ramp up operations to help our heroes recover from the devastation that is ptsd.

we are a full service mobile nursing company, predominantly offering mobile iv therapy to patients in their homes to hopefully prevent a hospitalization, aide holistic healing heroes, powered by nurse nikki. 2843 likes 18 talking about this. nikki has been an rn for ten years, with extensive knowledge and at holistic healing heroes, our goal is to help you feel better, be better, and do better through natural wellness., .

holistic healing heroes queen creek, az 85140 (480) 330-3242 visit website. . 1 recommendation for holistic healing heroes from neighbors in surprise, az. connect with neighborhood businesses on nextdoor. nikki has been an rn for 10 years with extensive knowledge and training in holistic and integrative modalities. she has an incredible team of medical directors, .

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