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many people with cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them, including complementary and alternative cancer treatments. acupuncture may also help relieve certain types of pain in people with cancer. oils, infused with scents such as lavender, can be applied to your skin during a massage, or the oils can be added to bath water. exercise may help you manage signs and symptoms during and after cancer treatment. hypnosis may be helpful for people with cancer who are experiencing anxiety, pain and stress.

many cancer centers have massage therapists on staff, or your provider can refer you to a massage therapist who regularly works with people who have cancer. meditation may help people with cancer by relieving anxiety and stress and improving mood. typically a therapist leads you through these exercises and eventually you may be able to do them on your own or with the help of guided relaxation recordings. during a yoga session, you position your body in various poses that require bending, twisting and stretching. before beginning a yoga class, ask your provider to recommend an instructor who regularly works with people with health concerns, such as cancer. to provide you with the most relevant and helpful information, and understand which information is beneficial, we may combine your email and website usage information with other information we have about you.

that typically means a combination of traditional and what your doctor might call complementary medicine. for instance, a holistic way to treat cancer could include chemotherapy and acupuncture. a holistic treatment may help ease some of these problems and improve your well-being, too. and it can harm you if you give up mainstream medicine for alternative treatments. you might try some science-backed ways to relieve side effects. it may ease your pain and nausea. if you’re getting radiation for head or neck cancers, it could help with dry mouth. techniques like meditation, hypnosis, and guided imagery can help you relax and focus on something besides your pain. exercise: gentle movement can help relieve extreme tiredness and stress, and help you sleep better.

nutrition care: a registered dietitian can talk to you about the foods you need to prevent or treat nutrition problems, manage treatment side effects, help your body fight infection, and more. skipping standard treatments is risky. while they can cause unpleasant and even serious side effects, these are proven ways to treat cancer. your cancer might reach a stage where it is harder to treat. certain supplements, like antioxidants and st. john’s wort, may stop your cancer treatment from working like it should. they know your condition and what medicines you take. this is the best way to make sure you stay safe. keep these questions in mind as you research options: you may not want to talk to your doctor about trying holistic methods. they may even be able to recommend you to a complementary and alternative medicine (cam) practitioner who’s trained to help people who have cancer.

how can alternative medicine help people with cancer? ; pain, acupuncture, aromatherapy, hypnosis, massage, music therapy ; sleep problems, cognitive behavioral types of therapies used in complementary and alternative medicine (cam) in cancer care, such as mind-body methods like meditation and yoga, holistic care can help with side effects of cancer treatment — like pain and vomiting — but it can’t cure cancer. learn more about the, .

why the interest in alternative therapies for cancer? mind/body therapies like yoga, tai chi, meditation therapies taken orally, topically, or almost 40% of americans believe cancer can be cured through alternative therapies alone, according to a survey conducted by the american complementary and integrative medicine are products and practices used along with standard medical care to help manage symptoms and side effects from cancer, .

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