holistic psychotherapy

the health and harmony in and between each these aspects of ourselves strongly influence our relationship to others and to our roles and contribution to society. holistic psychotherapy addresses the causes of your suffering at all levels of your being but also the inherent richness and potential of the whole you. holistic psychotherapy draws on a range of psycho-spiritual and body/mind healing techniques from east and west. these gentle, yet effective techniques, help us access and heal the emotional wounds, freeing the mental blocks from the conscious, subconscious (all memories from this lifetime), superconscious (memory of all lifetimes), and supraconscious (memory of oneness with the divine). it is inspired by and draws on many years of study of yoga philosophy, yoga psychology, western mysticism, and many schools of both eastern and western psychology. holistic psychotherapy is implicitly spiritual (not religious) and starts from the belief that the center of our being is our soul or essence. the aim of our work is to find and align the body, mind, and emotions to the soul.

this is a rich and meaningful path of self-knowledge and healing. opening to your soul brings harmony and congruence to the otherwise disparate parts of your being (body, mind, and emotions). using various techniques which give us access to the very depth of our being, beyond the subconscious and into the superconscious, my client realized that her awkward feeling stemmed from an ancestral taboo. the discomfort and sense of taboo carried down through her mother to her. once she was able to experience the shame, the blocked energy was released and she released a lifetime of tension and awkward discomfort. holistic psychotherapy helps us achieve deep and lasting healing and transformation by perceiving and addressing issues at the level at which they exist. by recognizing that the soul is at the center of our being, our personal work does not start and stop with the ego, it helps us to identify and follow the way home to our soul. i work with a wide variety of techniques from east and west to help you understand, heal and release the core issues that are causing you to suffer.

on the surface, it may seem like our problems are only related to certain aspects of ourselves. however, the issues we experience are rarely confined to just one element of our being. with our holistic psychotherapy clients, we bring consciousness and healing to all parts of our clients. by the way, if you are located in california and are interested in holistic therapy, contact our los angeles psychotherapists for a free consultation. but in holistic psychotherapy (as opposed to more traditional forms of psychotherapy), we discuss matters of the body and spirit as well. as a society, we often neglect our bodies and spirits. we practice holistic psychotherapy to help our clients achieve lasting change. some people regularly attend therapy as part of their self-care routines, but we want you to leave therapy confident, connected, and healed.

put simply, trauma is our involuntary response to a stressful situation. but therapists know that trauma covers a wide range of things, from toxic relationships to losing a loved one. holistic therapy can treat trauma’s effects on our body–as well as our mind and spirit. by experiencing a deeper connection with your body, you can understand and heal your trauma response. on top of that, we can feel queasy, tense, and exhausted. in holistic psychotherapy, we can treat all aspects of your depression—not only your thoughts. our entire world shatters when we experience a loss, and in order to make sense of the experience, it’s important to consider all aspects of your being. with the help of our holistic psychotherapists, you can construct meaning in the wake of your grief and figure out how you want to live after loss. if you’re in los angeles and are interested in holistic psychotherapy, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

overview. holistic psychotherapy utilizes traditional and non-traditional therapies of holistic healing with the purpose of creating an integration of the mind, holistic psychotherapy, an integrative approach grounded in psychosynthesis, focuses on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, holistic therapy, also sometimes referred to as holistic psychotherapy or body-centered psychotherapy, is an integrative type of therapy, holistic therapy vs regular therapy, holistic therapy vs regular therapy, holistic psychology degree, holistic therapy examples, benefits of holistic therapy.

we believe that the mind and the body are connected, and that the therapeutic process is most effective when both mind and body are attended to and engaged. our holistic psychotherapy is distinct from traditional psychotherapy in that the field of mental health is built upon a foundation of assessing, diagnosing and holistic therapy, or holistic psychotherapy, refers to a school of thought in therapy that attempts to address an individual as a whole person rather than, holistic counseling salary, holistic psychology founder, holistic therapy massage, holistic therapy wikipedia.

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