holistic treatment for schizoaffective disorder

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the symptoms of schizophrenia are thought by many to be debilitating, incurable and even scary. (4) one key here is that individuals with schizophrenia need a support system around them willing to aid them in recovery and look past the public assumptions about the diagnosis. in order to be considered clinically indicative of schizophrenia, symptoms must be present for at least six months in a way that reduces basic life activities and functioning. (24) antipsychotic drugs may also be one of the reasons women with schizophrenia have a higher risk of pregnancy and birth complications, although these complications are sometimes due to the disorder itself.

(32) however, a diet for schizophrenia mirroring what we already know about treating food as medicine will be beneficial for maintaining lower weights and overall health — but it may not help to treat the condition. in fact, the ketogenic diet for schizophrenia may be one of the most novel ways to treat symptoms of schizophrenia. they concluded: “psychoeducation does seem to reduce relapse, readmission and encourage medication compliance, as well as reduce the length of hospital stay.” (46) a number of dietary supplements have been studied in conjunction with schizophrenia and showed positive results. however, it’s also a completely natural way to deal with schizophrenia and may be tried as an alternative to medication, under proper supervision. (90) for that reason, and due to the nature of the condition, it is vitally important for individuals with schizophrenia to be under the care of qualified professionals and to have a solid support system.

cognitive behavior therapy (cbt) is a therapeutic technique that helps modify undesirable mode of thinking, feeling and behavior. cbt involves in 110 randomized controlled trials, evidence was found for glycine, sarcosine, n-acetylcysteine, some chinese and ayurvedic herbs, ginkgo from fish oil to keto, here are nine research-backed natural remedies for schizophrenia that you can discuss with your treatment team., .

complementary treatments for schizophrenia ; b vitamins omega-3 fatty acids ; cannabidiol (cbd) amino acids ; melatonin antioxidants. alternative therapies aid in the treatment of schizoaffective disorder. dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, acupuncture, homeopathy can help. studies have revealed that taking vitamins, folic acid, fish oils supplements may help reduce symptoms of schizophrenia. diet management is, .

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