home remedies for blood clots

these clots can travel through the circulatory system and may end up restricting blood supply to a vital organ. once a person has an established dosage, routine blood monitoring will be necessary to prevent the risk of uncontrolled bleeding. people who develop a blood clot in one of the deep veins in the arms and legs, called deep vein thrombosis (dvt), may go on to experience postthrombotic syndrome (pts). in some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove a blood clot from a vein or artery.

when the clot moves to the lungs and blocks blood flow, it is called a pulmonary embolism (pe). home management will depend on the type and severity of the blood clot, as well as which medications a person is taking for it. sometimes, a blood clot may enter and block a vessel that supplies blood to the brain. a blood clot elsewhere in the body is a medical emergency. a blood clot in the arm can be a dangerous health problem.

a blood clot is usually initiated as a response to a wound on a blood vessel. garlic helps in blood thinning, and reduces blood clot formation in the arteries. neem extract was studied and found effective as it demonstrated good or moderate clot breaking activity.5 to experience the benefits of neem, you can consume neem leaf extract or neem tablets. the formation of an unwanted blood clot needs to be attended immediately as it may be a serious condition.

in the condition where blood clots move in the body, also known as embolism; the blood clots formed in the legs, arms, and groin can move to other parts of your body such as lungs leading to pulmonary embolism. ** assisting the senior doctor in checking the patients. ** in case of emergency giving basic treatment to the patients. the women’s health section has articles and information on menstruation, pregnancy, gynaecology, etc.

here are some home remedies for blood clots that you could probably try. ; turmeric 2. 11 home remedies for blood clots in the leg & prevention tips ; essential oils epsom salt garlic green tea oregano vitamin e turmeric turmeric is a spice that reduces inflammation and acts as a natural anticoagulant and anti-platelet treatment. a 2012 study proved that curcumin, .

there’s no proven way to treat a blood clot at home with natural remedies. if you try to dissolve a blood clot at home, it may take longer for you to get proper medical treatment. this can increase your risk of developing a potentially life threatening condition. taking regular walks and elevating the affected leg above the hip can also help by increasing blood flow to the heart. people who are taking several home remedies like neem, bramhi, turmeric, garlic, tulsi etc. may help you get some relief from blood clots and may even dissolve the clots, 3, 4, 5, .

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