home remedies for viral fever

does the idea of getting an injection scare you? viral fever is a common occurrence in most households. with that said we have for you a few home remedies for fever which if not cure the problem then at least make it manageable until you get some professional medical treatment. a viral fever is the immune system’s reaction against external pathogens. it is important to make a note of the fact that viral fever alone is not a disease. therefore, typical viral fever home remedies may only deal with the symptom but the actual cause may go undiagnosed. and that’s why it is important to get yourself checked in case your discomfort feels elevated. once it is in full action the most common symptoms a viral fever exhibits are listed below. viral fever home remedies help in easing the discomfort and symptoms of the fever so that the patient may be at ease while resting.

let’s take a look at some of those remedies. coriander seeds are also known for containing antibiotic properties which make it one of the best home remedies for fever. methi is also known for its viral fever fighting properties, which is why it made to the list of viral fever home remedies. rice starch is also one of the good home remedies for fever because it contains hydrating properties and is like a diuretic agent which leads to increased urination to get rid of toxins and pathogens this helps in improving the immunity. the tulsi plant is considered holy in hindu religion and for all the right reasons because it contains healing properties. among viral fever home remedies, this also helps in treating the symptoms of the fever. as far as home remedies for fever go, dry ginger is very good at easing the discomforts linked to the viral fever. home remedies are only a temporary solution for the fever. home remedies for fever as mentioned earlier will only treat the fever but if there is an underlying cause then that may go undiagnosed which could lead to serious problems.

#12 eat infection-fighting foods bananas and rice to soothe an upset stomach and curb diarrhea vitamin c-containing foods like bell peppers home remedies for fever: 6 amazing home remedies for viral fever are coriander tea, dill seeds decoction, tulsi leaves, and rice starch. viral fever symptoms include sore thraot, cough, body-ache, runny nose. ginger&honey, rice starch, and coriander seeds are great home remedies., .

home remedies can be used in conjunction with medicines prescribed by doctors to reduce the symptoms of a viral fever. a viral infection can 5 home remedies for viral fever 1. turmeric and dried ginger powder. 2. basil (tulsi). 3. coriander tea. 4. fenugreek (methi seeds) water. top 5 viral fever home remedies? 1. coriander seeds 2. fenugreek or methi water 3. rice starch 4. tulsi 5. dry ginger or saunth., . stay coolsit in a bath of lukewarm water, which will feel cool when you have a fever. give yourself a sponge bath with lukewarm water.wear light pajamas or clothing.try to avoid using too many extra blankets when you have chills.drink plenty of cool or room-temperature water.eat popsicles. 5 simple home remedies for viral feverhoney and lime juice. a perfect blend of honey and lime is useful in alleviating viral symptoms such as cold and flu. coriander tea. coriander is rich in vitamins and phytonutrients. tulsi leaves. black pepper and ginger tea. rice starch.

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