homeopathic remedies for acid reflux

gastroesophageal means a condition relating to the stomach and esophagus. however, when the lower esophageal sphincter (band-like muscular gateway) weakens or relaxes abnormally, there is a backflow of stomach content to the esophagus or food pipe, and this backflow is known as gastroesophageal reflux. homeopathy can be opted as the first line of treatment in early detected cases with mild to moderate symptoms. the persistence of these symptoms may lead to gastroesophageal reflux disease or gerd. abnormally weak contractions or relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter leads to gerd.

this bulging causes pressure on and may cause abnormal relaxation or weakness in the lower esophageal sphincter leading to gerd. this may lead to pain and bleeding from the ulcer. antacid-dependent cases, very old cases of gerd, and cases with some structural abnormality may take the time or may not respond to homeopathy. to my surprise, every visit that i reported to them my gerd was much better and this was certainly building my confidence and faith in the doctor as well as his medicines. ”preparation and standardisation of homeopathic nosodes,” an article published in international, peer-reviewed journal “indian journal of research in homeopathy” 409 krushal comm.

it is prepared by the potentization of the seeds of a plant commonly known as “poison nut”. marked acidity is a strong feature of this drug and the patient generally has sour regurgitation and a sour taste in the mouth due to the same. it is another homeopathic-specific remedy for gerd and its common features are the intense burning of the whole alimentary canal. some of the common indications of this drug are: the common digestive features are seen are intense burning in the stomach that is relieved by cold drinks and the patient craves cold drinks in general.

it has good scope in the treatment of septic infections and low vitality. most of the complaints in such patients are associated with intense weakness and debility, restlessness, and a lot of anxiety. i visited dr. shah with the same kind of belief that i just would get better for the time being. after having the medicines for about 3 months now, i am feeling so much better now. homeopathy originated in germany in 1796 and is very popular in most of the european countries.

some of the commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines for gerd are natrum phosphorica, iris versicolor, robinia, nux vomica, phosphorus, lycopodium, carbo veg, homeopathic medicine for acid reflux (gerd treatment) nux vomica robinia iris versicolor phosphorus arsenic album. homeopathic medicines for gerd are robinia, arsenic, phosphorous, calc. carb, pulsatilla, iris versicolor, nat.phos, carbo veg, nux vomica & sulphuric acid., .

nux vomica: it is the most effective natural homoeopathic remedy for treating heartburn caused by beer, caffeine, or spices. pulsatilla:. a leading remedy for acid indigestion is natrum phos (sodium phosphate), which is both a homeopathic medicine and a cell salt. this remedy is treatment of acid reflux arsenic album. excellent homeopathy remedy for acid reflux, foul or sour taste, hot burning sensation in the esophagus, . do herbal heartburn remedies work?angelica.caraway.clown’s mustard plant.german chamomile.greater celandine.lemon balm.licorice.milk thistle. remedy optionscarbo vegetabilis. this remedy relieves bloating and gas in the stomach, with belching.lycopodium. natrum carbonicum. nux vomica. pulsatilla. antimonium crudum. arsenicum album. bryonia.

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