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you may notice problems with the display of certain parts of an article in other ereaders. in ayurveda, this condition may be considered under charma kushtha, a type of kshudra kushtha (minor skin diseases), due to the similarity in signs and symptoms with hlp. the general condition of the patient was good and without alterations in vital signs. itching, hyperkeratosis, sliminess, and thickness, all are the features of kapha dominancy. stress also plays a significant role in the case as excessive mental stress vitiates the rasa dhatu and rasavaha srotas, which is responsible for kapha dushti.

charma kushtha is a type of skin disease mentioned in ayurveda under the classification of kshudra kushtha. the association of hlp with vitiligo in the case may be due to a common autoimmune etiology. these are convenient, safe, and least expensive in compare to the conventional method of treatment. it is helpful in pachana (metabolism) of ama visha and corrects the production of vitiated rasa dhatu in the body. this observation endorses a step toward the practice of ayurvedic intervention in hlp.

lichen planus is a chronic recurrent rash due to inflammation and characterised by small, flat-topped, many-sided (polygonal) bumps that grow together into rough, scaly plaques over the skin. lichen planus lesions exhibit a range of pigmentary dyschromia, from brown-blackish to blue or purple-grey macules or patches. due to its resemblance in signs and symptoms, lichen planus can be correlated with charma kushtha, which has aggravation of vata, pitta and kapha dosha. ayurvedic treatment of lichen planus involves a comprehensive treatment strategy which involves strengthening of the digestive system, detoxification of the body and rejuvenation.

the doctors at ayur healthcare can correct the imbalanced agni or digestive fire. this involves diet modifications to boost the digestive fire. 4. rasayana or rejuvenating medicines the treatment procedures to rejuvenate and restore the body tissues along with some herbal formulation to reduce the symptoms of lichen planus. it is an opportunity to experience natural healing, rejuvenation and renewal of body and soul. through our qualified and highly experienced practitioners, along with yoga instructors, ayur healthcare offers individualized recommendations to achieve balance and good health in your body.

ayurvedic medicines are often considered effective for chronic and lifestyle disorders. hypertrophic lichen planus (hlp) is a rare inflammatory skin ayurvedic treatment of lichen planus involves a comprehensive treatment strategy which involves strengthening of the digestive system, detoxification of the ayurvedic treatment for lichen planus a combination of shodana and shamana chikitsa, nidan parivarjana, kushthahara dravyprayoga are useful in treating lichen, .

at elite ayurveda, lichen planus treatment is carried out in following stages: detoxification of the body with panchakarma: this removes all the accumulated toxins from the body. it is further preceded by virechana (induced purgation), basti (enema) and nasya (purifying nasal therapy). do’s. spices such a turmeric, ginger, cumin, tulsi, cardamon and curry leaves are all effective at dealing with lichen planus. dont’s. ayurveda and lichen planus (ayurvedic approach) this condition is considered as a variety of kushta(skin disease) resulted from dooshi visha or accumulated ayurvedic treatment has a better scope for treating lichen planus. as a holistic approach of ayurved the whole body is purified by panchakarma treat-., .

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