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it is intended to deepen understanding of rongoä and its importance in mäori health care. for mäori, rongoäâ is a part of the mäori culture from täne (god of the forest) who retrieved the three baskets of knowledge from io (god) with the knowledge and teachings to guide us in this world. the journey to becoming a rongoäâ practitioner varies from person to person and in more recent times is becoming more formalised.

although, mäori traditional medicine is more widely known for the medicinal properties from the native trees and plants, which is often used to address acute pain, the most fundamental part of all rongoäâ is the spiritual component. for rongoä räkau to be utilised, the rongoä practitioner will have knowledge of the medicinal properties of the plants and trees and the safe practices. the content on this page will be of most use to clinicians, such as nurses, doctors, pharmacists, specialists and other healthcare providers. familiarity with rongoä mäori was reported by 46% of responders and 16% had used rongoä mäori on themselves or whänau.

that was the effect of rongoā, the traditional healing system of māori that encompasses herbal remedies, physical therapies and spiritual healing. for hodges, a kaitawaenga (māori liaison adviser) for hawke’s bay hospital, he hopes to use what he has learned from rongoā to further his wellbeing and health. the focus of rongoā is uplifting a person’s vitality, their vital force – known in māori as mauri – according to donna kerridge​, a spokesperson for te kāhui rongoā, the national collective of rongoā practitioners. she has been practising for over 20 years. “we can help influence those things… but it’s not our goal, our goal is to help restore that vitality in people.” kerridge said a lot of people she sees are broken, as often people only turn to rongoā after giving up on traditional western medicine, she says.

she has huge respect for traditional medicine, pointing out that it could do a whole lot of things rongoā practitioners could not. “but it can’t do everything,” she said, “and sometimes we’ll need one over the other and other times we’re going to need both, and we really want to make sure people have that choice.” “a lot of people say, ‘why wouldn’t you just go to the doctors?’” kerridge explained. they use it because it works,” kerridge says. “you turn up because you believe it will work and if it doesn’t work, it would’ve died a long time ago.” in one anecdote, kerridge explains how she used the practice to help a woman with chronic depression. “and that’s dealing to her vitality … and having her remember the gifts that she’s accumulated along the way and why she matters,” kerridge said.

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rongoā is the traditional healing system of māori that encompasses herbal remedies, physical therapies and spiritual healing. in one anecdote, “a compilation of printed and manuscript information on the healing practices of the new zealand māori”–flyleaf. reprinted: 1997, 2003. includes in our institute we provide high quality classes, and will help you to achieve your dream on 4409 bergenline avenue, 2nd floor, union city, nj 07087., .

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