mitchell center for natural healing

she has been a leader in the field of integrative medicine and a passionate advocate for the importance of combining energy healing with traditional medical care, partnering with the medical community to establish guiding principles for the future of healthcare. dr. mitchell is also the founder of the transformational health initiative, an organization with a mission to serve and support healers, medical practitioners, and conscious consumers in order to promote authentic, dynamic, multi-dimensional health for everyone. healing is the process by which we bring more of ourselves and our inner truth into our lives.

mitchell contrasts the approaches of medical and healing practices, and presents a framework for integrating these. when illness is considered as an opportunity for healing, and the medical and healing approaches are integrated, a more profound result can be achieved. a framework for successful treatments and healing is presented. dr. mitchell reviews any previous workup, orders further labs or studies as needed, and develops a plan of therapy and healing for the patient.

mitchell center for natural healing, in seattle’s maple leaf neighborhood, offers naturopathic medicine, chinese herbal dermatology and acupuncture. mitchell center for natural healing 8814 roosevelt way ne. seattle, wa 98115. mapleleaf. directions (206) 284-6040. call now more info. hours. mitchell center for natural healing, located in the maple leaf neighborhood of seattle, offers naturopathic medicine as well as chinese herbal dermatology, chinese herbal tea for perioral dermatitis.

she carries on their practice at mitchell center for natural healing. company. natural health llc 8814 roosevelt way ne, seattle, mitchell center for natural healing 2022 loc8nearme. all rights reserved. mitchell center for for over 40 years marilyn mitchell, m.d. has grown a unique medical practice that integrates energy healing and holistic practices with traditional medicine, .

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