mouth ulcer ayurvedic treatment

types of mouth ulcers: minor ulcers – 2-8 mm in diameter usually clear up in 10 days to 14 daysmajor ulcers – these are bigger and deeper, often with a raised or irregular border. in case of candida infection leading to mouth ulcers, anti fungal, anti microbial herbs are commonly used for the treatment.

add it to one cup of water, leave it as it is at night, next day morning, drink it on empty stomach.soak 5 raisins and 5 almonds in water at night, next day morning, eat them.have tender coconut water / sugarcane juice – twice / thrice a week. for mild ulsers seeen usually in children and adults due to stress my mother’s advice is to chew few leaves of elesur soppu ( i do not know the english name) with a little jeera. especially tobacco chewers and people with ill-fitting dentures should be i think it is prudent to advice that if any ulcer does not disappear after trying the regular remedies (may be for one or two months) should consult a regular or dental surgeon.

mouth ulcers are generally considered as a minor problem; however for suffering group it can be chronic and lasting for months if not years and affecting the quality of life and mood. even though just a blister or ulcer in mouth, sometimes chronic mouth ulcers can be a reflection of much severe underlying problems like stomach ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic deficiencies or even cancer. as you know, ulcer is an opening in skin or mucosa; mouth ulcer is not exception. according to the location and intensity there can be blisters, bleeding, burning and difficulty to eating, drinking, swallowing or talking. canker sores or aphthous ulcers (small, painful, oval shaped ulcers) and cold sores are the most common ones. mouth ulcers are a result of imbalanced pitta , which can easily happen if you are of pitta body type. chronic mouth ulcers usually happen along with other pitta imbalances in gut like gastric or duodenal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, infection, etc.

ayurveda understands chronic mouth ulcers as an expression of the body when suffering from chronic pitta imbalance or low immunity. treatment of mouth ulcers in ayurveda involves correcting root causes. reducing chillies, garlic, alcohol, hot and spicy foods, etc can help. lifestyle modification can help to reduce stress and improve immunity. there are some specific herbs like turmeric, neem and different herbal combinations that can help to heal not only ulcers but whole digestive system. rafeena kidavintavida is one of the most experienced and skilled ayurvedic doctors consultation sydney. rafeena provides ayurvedic consultation and treatments to heal and restore balance in your body, mind and soul which includes panchakarma, shirodhara, abhyanga therapy, ayurvedic massage and more.

home made creams to apply on mouth ulcers: chew a piece of dry coconut slowly. it soothes the wounds, quickens healing and reduces pain. apply beat mouth ulcers with ayurveda apply paste of turmeric and ghee on ulcers gargle with triphala tea drink coriander, fennel and cumin tea. make a paste using equal parts honey and coconut oil and apply it on the ulcers. honey is cooling and excellent at healing stubborn ulcers while coconut is, how to cure mouth ulcers fast naturally, best medicine for mouth ulcer, best medicine for mouth ulcer, permanent solution for mouth ulcers, ghee for mouth ulcer.

licorice (mulethi) is proved to be beneficial in the treatment of oral ulcers. chew on a piece of it. it refreshes the mouth and cleanses the teeth, arresting canker sores are officially called aphthous ulcers, which comes from the greek word aphthae, meaning “to be set on fire.” this, ayurvedically, mouth ulcer in child home remedies, ayurvedic treatment for canker sores. canker sores-mouth ulcers ayurvedic treatmentfollow a pitta soothing diet; avoid hot spicy and fermented food.avoid strong alcoholic drinks which may aggravate the sores.drink half a cup of cranberry juice between meals which will help soothe the sores by relieving the burning sensation and irritation.

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