nail infection home remedy

nail fungus is a very common problem, and toenails are more prone to nail infections. let your skin breathe and if you wear socks daily and all day long, make sure you wash your feet before bed because this laziness may cost you a lot of visits to a dermatologist. but, you can get rid of nail fungus by opting for the following home remedies for nail infections acv is acidic in nature and can keep nail fungus from spreading. 1 out of 3 diabetics have nail fungus.

this remedy is great for them if they have a nail fungal infection. rubbing a garlic clove on your nails makes your nails stronger and shinier. for nail fungus: lemon juice has both antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. coconut oil is great for skin health, so there is no limit to how often you can use this treatment. mix baking soda with vinegar to make a soak to kill the nail fungus.

try one of these 10 home remedies for toenail fungus 1. vicks vaporub 2. snakeroot extract 3. tea tree oil 4. oregano oil 5. olive leaf another home remedy to treat toenail fungus includes the use of apple cider vinegar. vinegar is an antifungal ingredient that can be mixed with water to create who knew sunflower oil can also fight germs? one study found that this natural remedy worked against yeasts that cause foot fungus. there’s more, .

official answer vicks vaporub snake root extract (ageratina pichinchensis) tea tree oil (malaleuca alternifolia) oregano oil ozonized proponents of apple cider vinegar suggest that acetic acid (a substance found in many types of vinegar) can destroy the fungi that cause nail home remedy for nail fungus ;, .

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