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human nails are asâ strong asâ aâ horse’s hooves, according toâ research. thankfully, there are aâ lot ofâ simple natural remedies out there that can help you achieve the set ofâ nails you desire without going toâ salons. ifâ you suffer from brittle nails often, you can naturally get rid ofâ the problem byâ applying cucumber. although this ointment isâ known for curing coughs and colds, itâ can also work wonders when itâ comes toâ nail fungus. you can apply itâ toâ the affected area once aâ day. you can use this essential oil ifâ you have aâ nail fungus problem byâ applying itâ with cotton swabs. inâ order toâ skip the salon and whiten your nails atâ home, scrub your nails with aâ lemon wedge orâ apply itâ with cotton and leave onâ for 10â minutes. drinking 2â cups ofâ horsetail herb tea isâ aâ simple and easy way toâ maintain strong nails and keep them from breaking too often.

easily available inâ aâ supermarket near you, oregano oil can beâ used toâ maintain nails asâ anâ alternative toâ tea tree oil. toâ make your nails grow faster, it’s essential toâ consume foods rich inâ biotin, aâ type ofâ vitamin b.â according toâ aâ study, biotin isâ capable ofâ turning weak nails into strong ones inâ only aâ few weeks. include them inâ your daily diet. take aâ few drops ofâ coconut oil and massage your nails with itâ till it’s absorbed. toâ treat infected nails, soak them inâ aâ solution made ofâ equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. orâ for aâ quicker remedy, you can apply apple cider vinegar toâ your infected fingernails with cotton swabs. there are far too many uses for garlic toâ write down inâ aâ list, but something it’s great for isâ curing toenail fungus. crush some garlic cloves and make aâ paste, then apply itâ toâ the infected area.

harnessing the power of the nutrients found in natural foods and oils also means you are missing out on the unnecessary chemicals and preservatives often added to commercial nail remedies and treatments. lemon juice could help to brighten your nails and remove stains, and the vitamin c promotes stronger growth. you could also use a slice of lemon directly on the nail. you could also add a few drops of lemon juice to 2 tablespoons of olive oil and microwave in a cup for 15 seconds until it is warm to create a nail mask that can be massaged into your nails and left for 30 minutes, or if you can, overnight for maximum benefit. for a nourishing treatment, warm coconut oil for 20 seconds in the microwave and massage into the cuticles before bed. apple cider vinegar also has anti-fungal treatment1, so is a must-try if you suffer with fungal nail infections, which if left untreated can cause you to lose the infected nails. apple cider vinegar is acidic, which works by neutralising the alkaline environment that encourages fungal growth.

soak your feet for at least 20 minutes, before patting dry with a clean towel. you could either rub your fingernails with a sliced piece of garlic, or if that is too pungent for you, you could make your own garlic oil to use as a nail mask. to do this, sauté chopped or minced garlic in a pan with some olive oil in a pan for 10 minutes, taking care that the oil does not bubble or smoke. you can massage this oil into your nails and cuticles every night, before rinsing off in the morning. combine honey’s hydrating properties with those of lemon juice to create a honey and lemon nail mask by mixing 2 teaspoons of honey with a few drops of lemon juice, and massaging into your nails before leaving for 15-20 minutes. rinse off thoroughly and you should be left with brighter nails, soft cuticles and if used regularly, stronger nails over time. is a trading name of holland & barrett retail limited,. registered in england: company no.

5 home remedies for nail growth lemon juice coconut oil apple cider vinegar garlic oil honey. to treat toenail fungus, apply oregano oil to the affected nail twice daily with a cotton swab. some people use oregano oil how to apply: mix one teaspoon of baking soda in a small bowl of water, and add one tablespoon of lemon juice into the mix. soak your nails for, home remedies for damaged nails, home remedies for damaged nails, how to make nails white and shiny at home, nail fungus treatment, home remedies for damaged nails from acrylics.

a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will give you stronger, shiner and whiter nails. dip a cotton ball into the warm mixture and apply it home remedies to strengthen brittle nails 1. massage with coconut oil. massaging your nails with coconut oil helps strengthen nail bed 2. soak 1. olive oil and lemon juice mixture: take a teaspoon of olive oil and infuse it with few drops of lemon juice. now take small portions of this, toenail fungus treatment, best nail fungus treatment, toe nail fungus, foot fungus treatment at home.

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