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in this article, we have highlighted the potential of common spices and herbs as antiviral agents and immunity boosters. this virus (sars‐cov‐2) is a member of beta‐coronavirus and is found similar to earlier coronavirus severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (sars‐cov) and the middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers‐cov), in its pathogenicity and clinical spectrum (gurunathan et al., 2020). ministry of ayush, india has released an advisory on ayurveda’s immunity promoting methods for self‐care during the covid‐19 pandemic, which includes the use of spices such as turmeric, cumin, coriander, and garlic that are recommended in cooking. the chief aromatic agent of the rhizome is the zingiberol with analogues such as the shogoals, paradol, and zingerone. cinnamon has been used as a popular spice by different countries around the world for thousands of years. piper is a member of family piperaceae and famous as the king of spices due to its pungent smell.

the different components of ob are used as remedies for treating disorders such as viral ocular, respiratory, and hepatic infections. the indian origin traditional medicinal plant neem has been used to treat several acute and chronic diseases in different parts of asia and africa from the ancient period. most people (93.6%) think that indian spices and home remedies are helpful in the treatment of coronavirus or other viral infection as well as boosting immunity. (2020) who recommended the consumption of black pepper and ginger in a daily diet, as it may be helpful in the prevention of coronavirus. as per our study, we conclude that the uses of spices and herbs may play a significant role against viral infections. the authors are grateful to the higher authorities of respective university and institutions for the support in conducting and writing this manuscript.

articles published after the sars-cov-1 (2002) epidemic suggest that the use of an herbal-drug integrative medical approach could have contributed to a lower fatality rate and a more rapid response in controlling the outbreak. pubmed was searched for articles that investigated the antiviral properties and mechanisms of action of herbs or natural compounds against the sars-coronavirus (cov). a general count rendered 450+ herbs and natural compounds with antiviral properties against the sars-cov and related viruses.

a series of herbs and natural compounds demonstrated moderate to strong antiviral activity. the herbs-natural compounds with antiviral activity and that caused inhibition/blockade of the cov-host protein pathways are potential therapeutic candidates. here we provide the mechanistic bases supporting an integrative approach that includes natural compounds to fight coronavirus infections. sciencedirect â® is a registered trademark of elsevier b.v.

several natural products have been examined for their effects against influenza. standardized elderberry (接骨木 jiē gǔ mù; sambucus nigra) liquid extract different spices such as clove, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, and turmeric are known as immunity boosters along with their antiviral property (sharma, gupta, herbs have been used as natural remedies since ancient times. common kitchen herbs, such as basil, sage, and oregano, as well as lesser-known, strongest natural antiviral, strongest natural antiviral, natural antiviral foods, antiviral supplements, best antiviral supplements.

some natural products, including xanthoangelol e (88), hispidulin (3), quercetin (6), rutin (8), saikosaponin d (36), glycyrrhizin (47), methyl lycoris radiata, artemisia annua, pyrrosia lingua, lindera aggregate, and the compound lycorine (from l. radiata) showed moderate to potent antiviral activity plant phytochemicals, in particular flavonoids and polyphenols, contain an abundant pool of potent antiviral molecules (e.g., vitexin), a, natural antiviral herbs, antiviral fruits, antiviral herbs for lungs, is lemon antiviral.

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