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within the body there is a constant interaction between order and disorder. energy is also required to metabolize the nutrients in the cells, and is called for to lubricate and maintain the structure of the cell. in the physical body, vata is the subtle energy of movement, pitta the energy of digestion and metabolism, and kapha the energy that forms the body’s structure. the basic difference between ayurveda and western allopathic medicine is important to understand. palliative and cleansing measures, when appropriate, can be used to help eliminate an imbalance along with suggestions for eliminating or managing the causes of the imbalance. on an annual basis, vāta is most prominent in the fall and at the change of seasons, and these are the most important times to be careful of diet and lifestyle. vata in the body tends to increase with age as is exhibited by the drying and wrinkling of the skin. well-cooked oats and rice are good for vata because they are not too drying when cooked with plenty of water and butter or ghee.

since vata people tend to be prone to addiction, they should avoid sugar, caffeine and tobacco. their eyes are of medium size and the conjunctiva is moist. in the external world, pitta people like to be leaders and planners and seek material prosperity. salads and raw vegetables are good for pitta types in the spring and summer as are any sweet fruits. in balance, they tend to have sweet, loving dispositions and be stable and grounded. they are more likely to have diseases connected to the water principle such as flu, sinus congestion, and other diseases involving mucous. the heavy qualities of nuts and seeds aggravate kapha as does the oil in them. a little ghee for cooking and some consumption of goat’s milk is good for kapha types.

ayurveda, a natural system of medicine, originated in india more than 3,000 years ago. the term ayurveda is derived from the sanskrit words ayur (life) and 12 powerful ayurvedic herbs and spices with health benefits 1. ashwagandha 2. boswellia 6. brahmi 7. cumin 8. turmeric 9. licorice root. the ancient indian medical system, also known as ayurveda, is based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and, ayurvedic treatment, ayurvedic treatment, list of ayurvedic treatments, ayurveda medicine, ayurvedic food.

ayurvedic medicine (“ayurveda” for short) is one of the world’s oldest holistic (“whole-body”) healing systems. it was developed more than ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with historical roots in the indian subcontinent. in ayurveda texts, dosha balance is emphasized, and suppressing natural the ayurveda encyclopedia: natural secrets to healing, prevention, & longevity [tirtha, swami sadashiva] on *free* shipping on qualifying offers, ayurveda products, ayurvedic medicine list with disease, ayurvedic plants, history of ayurveda.

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