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to offer you your best chances of successful treatment and cure — for any problem — doctors follow the science and use the treatments and methods that have been shown to have a positive benefit and are known to help. at the block center for integrative cancer treatment in chicagoland (skokie, il), this is the same logic we follow in our fight against cancer. at the block center, we truly integrate into your cancer care those treatments, therapies, methods — everything — that science shows will help. at the block center, keith block, md, penny block, phd and their team are pioneers in integrative treatment who are recognized for setting the national standard in this fighting-on-all-fronts approach to cancer treatment.

your body — your organs, anatomy, physiology — is one of a kind. in fact, at the block center for integrative cancer treatment, we know that cancer is a systemic perversion of the body’s mechanisms that’s caused by genetic and molecular glitches. so the care we provide to help you beat the odds against cancer is personalized to your needs, lifestyle, disease profile, body chemistry, tumor tissue, molecular profiling and all other factors that are unique to you. we get you involved in your care and work to restore your hope, preserve your dignity, keep you informed and empowered, and maximize your quality of life and odds against cancer. for more about cancer care that is truly individualized and integrative, or to schedule an appointment, call 877-41-block (877-412-5625).

alternative & holistic cancer treatment center option #1: immunotherapy institute immunotherapy institute is a first-class cancer and chronic integrative & holistic cancer treatment strategies i.v. therapy and lab services counseling and emotional support detoxification detoxification therapies. which treatments are worth trying? acupuncture. during acupuncture treatment, a practitioner inserts tiny needles into your skin at precise points., .

complementary therapies massage acupuncture visualisation reflexology. cancer center for healing is the largest multidisciplinary, integrative cancer center in north america. our facilities blend cutting-edge technology from around insulin potentiation therapy (ipt) is an effective alternative cancer treatment. it uses a combination of two traditional drugs – insulin and a, .

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