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when you feel something wrong with your body – whether physically, mentally, or emotionally – you may start to think about what sort of treatment you should get. medication and other traditional treatments may not be your best option – what may work even better is a natural healing method. the following are just a few of the conditions that a natural healing center can treat: there are many over-the-counter and prescription medications available to treat aches and pains in the body. but there are also very effective natural healing methods to alleviate pain. conditions that can affect the cardiometabolic system are diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. natural therapies, such as nutritional therapy, can help treat these problems in the body and prevent them from worsening – or even from developing in the first place. the most common treatments for depression are psychological therapy and medicine.

however, there are also natural healing methods to help you manage your depression. some of the causes of hormonal imbalance are stress, trauma, pregnancy, or improper diet, and it can affect your daily lifestyle. this specialized treatment is made to restore normal hormone levels so you can feel like yourself again. as each of these maladies target the brain, it can affect your regular daily activities, such as speaking and walking. natural healing methods can be very helpful for patients who have these conditions. a viable alternative to the regular hospital is a natural healing center. our own dr. jeffrey kotulski and dr. jodi kunkel are experts in utilizing holistic medicine for optimum health. take the first step toward a lifetime of health and wellness.

below is a list of all the therapies and services we use. we have yoga and meditation sessions with qualified professionals to help get the balance in our patient’s spiritual health. we are a center for holistic healing that uses sacred plant therapy, and as such our treatment programs include ayahuasca and ibogaine treatments which have revolutionized the treatment for addiction.

we have developed our holistic methods primarily to heal addiction, but found that our treatment is truly holistic, in that it takes care of all the mental and physical issues that come with addiction. at our holistic healing center, the alternative treatment for depression, anxiety, ptsd, job burnout, eating disorders and more will address all problems of the mind, soul, and body. studies about how the brain will consume itself from lack of sleep have been made public for years, and we make no compromises when it comes to helping our patients sleep better every night. next, we use a variety of treatment modalities to repair and reprogram the brain.

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natural healing therapy center in colton, california ; address: 1280 e cooley dr, suite 20 ; phone number: ✆ 909-203-6233 909-203-6233 report ; hours: closed now. whether you are looking for relaxation, reducing tension or attaining some relief from chronic pain, we can enhance your overall sense of well-being. the natural healing center has been promoting an integrated approach to health and well-being—with personalized care, wellness education and patient support, .

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