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they have come to learn that the natural healing methods are also effective in getting their health back. it is no surprise the popularity of alternative medicine has increased in the recent years and even health insurance has recognized it. acupuncture is known to be a traditional chinese medicine and is one of the oldest natural healing methods in the world. the use of acupuncture has been endorsed in the united states in certain conditions only. massage therapy is a non-invasive healing method that many have availed and is very common in any society. massage is the use of hands and fingers to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues through pressing or rubbing. today, people who want to receive a rejuvenating massage can choose among 80 different styles.

chiropractic is another popular natural healing method that has penetrated the mainstream medicine. the focus of the chiropractors is to ensure that the spinal health is at optimum so overall health is also at its peak. herbal remedy is one of the natural healing methods that have been used for thousands of years. from a single herb to a mixture of plants, this is given to the patient in a form of drink or food. the people have accepted various natural healing methods in south burlington today. with relatively rare side effects, less expense and a holistic process, natural healing could be the best choice. find one and look forward to a body that is able to feel and look better.

i am helping people in this community overcome the challenges of fatigue, weight issues, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, add, adhd, autism and other health related conditions. what we do as a team here is very unique and different even compared to most other therapies. nutrition response testing® is one of the most advanced and effective techniques in existence today. during the analysis i will test your reflexes for specific organs and tissues. after diagnosing the problem areas, i create a customized clinical nutritional program based on the exact needs your body. at the natural healing center of troy i utilize only the highest-quality, clinically-proven all-natural food based supplements and homeopathic products that are specially processed to preserve all of the active enzymes and vital components. my husband and i have been helped immensely by dr tina.

we are boomers and i had spent time overseas in difficult environments that depleted my health. i have been to many other practitioners over the years, and i have found her to be very conservative in recommending products. dr. tina is my doctor she is very caring and an answer to prayer. she helped me with her wisdom in healthy food supplements and change of diet. i can recommend her as an expert in healthy living. she helped my mom and i get on track with a healthy lifestyle, cleaning our systems from impurity’s, and also aligning my spine. she’s patient, answers all questions (even those you may be shy about 🙂 and best of all…no medicine, no pain, and no surgery is involved. i’m very grateful for dr. tina and her practice.

holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal the natural healing center has been promoting an integrated approach to health and well-being—with personalized care, wellness education and patient support. herbal remedy is one of the natural healing methods that have been used for thousands of years. medicines derived from herbs and other plants are taken in by, .

there are holistic ways to relieve your cough, sore throat, & anxiety, and natural remedies to promote sleep. learn natural remedies for illness here. natural healing is a multifaceted system of care, which is primarily gentle and non-invasive. natural healers often speak of the subtle energy or aura, specializing in natural fertility, pain management, menopause, ivf & iui support, male fertility, anxiety and more. serving west los angeles and santa, .

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