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the functional medicine approach allows us to look at each patient’s unique biochemistry in the context of their current physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. we take the time necessary to listen and learn about each patient so that we can establish a partnership and cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. our tlc, therapeutic lifestyle change, equips patients with the tools needed to reduce or alleviate symptoms, decrease the likelihood of developing disease and improve, or even resolve, current disease states. my world vision is to be a part of changing how medicine is practiced.

the one size fits all approach to health care fails to address the biochemical uniqueness of each individual and therefore falls short when it comes to treating symptoms and reversing disease. cultivating awareness that we can prevent or at least delay the onset of disease by the way that we live our lives is also an important part of this vision. is the owner and founder of natural health & healing, llc in west hartford, connecticut, a functional medicine practice that provides patients with a guided approach and individualized treatment plan on how to optimize health. she opened natural health & healing in january of 2006 and has been an integral part of bringing personalized medicine to the farmington valley and now to west hartford, connecticut.

alternative health & healing center in naples, florida, is a holistic and integrative practice combining traditional chinese medicine techniques and chiropractic care with cutting edge technology to relieve pain and restore healthy body functioning for patients of all ages. the alternative health & healing center facility features advanced technology to effectively treat a wide range of physical pain and health conditions, including the piezo wave 2 for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome, sports injuries, and repetitive stress. the team has observed incredible results while treating musculoskeletal and nerve pain with this revolutionary device, and many patients report relief after the first treatment. the exceptional chiropractic team at alternative health & healing center is currently accepting patients who are seeking to relieve pain that has been resistant to conventional treatment approaches.

we provide a medical bill to submit to your insurance. “dr. paul finucan and dr. david kubicek have all the answers to my health concerns. everything is alternative health and has now become my primary doctor.” and it is wonderful.”

our mission at natural health & healing is to educate patients to take charge of their health. the functional medicine approach allows us to look at each our mission at natural health & healing center is to give patients the tools to regain their health, while educating and empowering them to take control of “ at natural health & healing, we work with patients to determine their health care goals and provide the tools needed to foster permanent change. we offer tlc, .

holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person — body, mind, spirit, and emotions — in the quest for optimal at the natural health and healing center we believe in your body’s ability to heal. our desire is to help you get to the root of your health situation and holistic healing seeks to maintain or restore balance among (and within) the various dimensions of the individual. rather than focusing on a specific condition, .

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