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but you might not want to pop a pain reliever, especially if you’re concerned about side effects or interactions with other drugs. (the power nutrient solution is the first-ever plan that tackles the root cause of virtually every major ailment and health condition today; get your copy now!) the scientific proof that acupuncture improves osteoarthritis pain is a little iffy. so if you’re not averse to needles, book a few sessions. a 2014 review in the journal physical therapy¬†found that exercising in water reduces pain and improves physical functioning in people with osteoarthritis of the lower limbs.

in fact, a study from case western reserve university found that 80% of people with osteo or rheumatoid arthritis had less pain after applying capsaicin cream four times a day for 2 weeks. studies on their effectiveness have been mixed, but a 2015 research review determined that this combo significantly reduces pain and improves functioning in people with osteoarthritis of the knee. a 2015 study from thailand found that when people with osteoarthritis of the knee took 1,000 mg of fish oil supplements (a combination of epa, or eicosapentaenoic acid, and dha, or docosahexaenoic acid) once a day for 8 weeks, their pain decreased and their functioning improved significantly. a 2013 review of seven randomized controlled trials found that a 12-week tai chi program improves symptoms of pain, stiffness, and physical function in people with osteoarthritis. wrapping the joint before bed may decrease swelling and discomfort, as well as prevent your knees from bumping into each other while you snooze, says karadsheh.

in the u.s., musculoskeletal pain management is beginning to incorporate more eastern and ayurvedic medicine, which focus on natural mind and body treatments using exercise, foods, or herbs, as a complement to western medicine, which treats physical symptoms with medication or surgery. the next step is to look for evidence of efficacy and safety. i recommend making turmeric a part of your daily diet for three to six months to gauge any benefits. many studies have evaluated the effectiveness and safety of omega-3 supplements for several inflammatory conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

talk to your doctor to determine which of these two supplements is best for you. i tell all my patients to approach their pain with a toolbox of options, depending on the type and location. qigong is a similar practice that focuses on the mind and body to help improve breathing, posture, stress, and strength. patients from many different cultures and nationalities teach me their perspectives on herbs or remedies they grew up with, which i research further to determine whether the treatments are safe for other patients or even myself.

9 herbs to fight arthritis pain 1. aloe vera 2. boswellia 3. cat’s claw 4. eucalyptus 5. ginger 6. green tea 7. thunder god vine 8. turmeric. 1. 8 natural therapies for arthritis pain 2. acupuncture 3. massage 4. tai chi 5. yoga 6. weight loss 7. physical therapy 8. topical gels. practicing tai chi is a low-impact way to strengthen the muscles around your joints and increase your range of motion, says karadsheh. a 2013, related symptoms, related symptoms, conditions that may have joint pain as a symptom.

turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice that has been shown in some studies to help reduce swelling and pain from arthritis, dr. martin, .

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