natural remedies for menstrual cramps

“before you talk about remedies for cramps, it is important to understand the cause of them,” says ramona fasula, a certified holistic health coach and ceo of wellness by ramona. “prostaglandin is a chemical that causes the uterus to contract, which causes the cramping feeling, so women with higher levels of prostaglandins tend to have more menstrual pain.” so how can you know if you have more prostaglandins? according to susi roos, rn, mdiv, mind-body therapist at cancer treatment centers of america at midwestern regional medical center, sugar is a source of chronic inflammation in the body and can therefore lead to more painful cramps. and hall reminds us that chocolate is also high in magnesium, so you have a good excuse to indulge in your square or two of dark chocolate during your period. but parikh concedes that exercise can seem impossible when you’re feeling a great deal of pain, and she therefore suggests low impact activities like walking or yoga, which “are still great for helping fight menstrual pain and are easier to do when you are feeling unwell.” in fact, it seems that yoga may be one of the major good guys when combatting period pain.

briggs says that according to the traditions of eastern medicine to which she ascribes, “strong exercise during your cycle can be detrimental and may actually make the cramping worse.” “a heating pad is a woman’s best friend when it comes to menstrual cramps,” says fasula. and if you aren’t feeling enough heat yet, several of our experts cite orgasm as a great way to release tension in the uterus and relieve pain. roos also ascribes to these elements of eastern medicine and cites the emotional freedom technique as a possible solution. “when your spine (especially in your lower back) is not working correctly, it can impair the nerves that direct and monitor the reproductive and hormonal systems,” she says. “pay attention to what you feel, journal the feelings, and accept this is a natural, healthy process.” cruikshank highlights the importance of listening to your body as well, be it with regards to exercise, supplements, the application of heat or anything else.

reducing or cutting out these foods can help alleviate cramps and decrease tension. try soothing (caffeine-free) ginger or mint teas or hot water flavored with you can enhance the pain-relieving power of a good soak by adding a few drops of essential oils — like lavender, sage, or rose — mixed with a carrier oil to 1. try some yoga poses to ease menstrual pain 2. curl up with a heating pad to ease period cramps 3. pop a safe painkiller to cut the, .

1. apply heat to the abdomen placing a hot water bottle or heating pad against the abdomen can relax the muscles and relieve cramps. heat helps the uterine start by drinking a glass of fruit-infused water the first thing after you get up in the morning. sip chamomile or ginger tea. drink flavored well, what else right now? well, believe it or not, exercise helps period cramps. get out and move. a vigorous walk or ride or jog actually, .

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