natural remedies for shingles

if you had chickenpox as a child, the shingles virus lies dormant in your body. the virus can reactivate later in life and cause a shingles rash. the shingles virus can last between two and six weeks. there’s no cure for shingles, but your doctor can prescribe antiviral medication to help shorten the duration of the virus and reduce symptoms. the coolness of the water can ease pain from shingles blisters and calm itchiness. in addition to taking a bath to relieve pain and itchiness associated with a shingles rash, apply a cool, moist compress. soak a cloth in cool water, wring out the water, and apply the cloth to the rash and blisters. do not apply an ice pack to the rash.

apply the mixture to your rash. lotions and creams don’t speed up the healing process, but they can increase your comfort level. heavy application can keep sores from drying out and lengthen the healing process. if you decide to use creams or lotions, it would be more effective if you applied one containing the natural ingredient capsaicin, up to three or four times per day. take steps to boost the function of your immune system by eating certain foods and avoiding others. foods to avoid include: eating too much of these foods can weaken the immune system and potentially prolong the virus. foods with high levels of arginine can even cause the virus to reproduce. some supplements and herbal medicines may also help your body fight the virus, and treat insomnia and anxiety due to shingles. the virus has to run its course.

there is no cure for shingles, but there are antiviral medications that can speed the healing process. modern medicine is not the only solution for treating shingles pain and preventing future outbreaks. shingles is a viral infection caused by the varicella zoster virus (vzv). the truth is shingles is far more common than you may realize. the first sign of a shingles outbreak usually is a burning pain or itching around one side of the waist. it is one of the most common shingles complications.

shingles can recur in some people, although doctors are not entirely certain what makes one person more susceptible to a repeat outbreak than another. most doctors recommend the shingles vaccine to prevent an initial outbreak. prescription medications focus on addressing shingles pain and the itching associated with the condition. natural treatments for shingles can be just as effective as over-the-counter and prescription medications when used correctly. here are some effective natural treatments for shingles that produce immediate results. effective natural treatments for shingles can reduce your risk of being revisited by this painful skin condition. if you do become the unfortunate host of this unwelcome visitor, natural treatment for shingles can help keep your shingles pain in check until the rash subsides.

tea tree oil: this has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and wound-healing properties. tea tree oil is the most studied essential oil for essential oils can be helpful to shingles, especially their common symptom of pain. plus, things like honey, oats and cool water are some of nature’s answers to 5 healing remedies for shingles 1. colloidal silver 2. tea tree oil 3. apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper 4. mushroom tincture 5., .

potential remedies for shingles: 1. 50,000 ius of vitamin d3 2. 200mg of zinc 3. 1000mg 3x a day of vitamin c (you can do a non-gmo synthetic one of the best oils to use is bergamot. bergamot has antiviral and antiseptic properties and combines well with tea tree oil and lavender shingles can be more than just an annoyance. these six effective natural remedies for shingles include vitamin c, vinegar, olive oil,, .

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