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in this review paper, the effects of medical plants on wound healing in diabetic state as well as factors affecting wound healing and the mechanism of action of medicinal plants are examined. this review paper examines wounds in diabetic condition and the role of medicinal plants in the healing of wounds in diabetic condition. the phases of wound healing usually go on in a fashionable and time-dependent manner. diabetes is associated with abnormalities in connective tissue, and this contributes to impair wound healing, leading to the formation of chronic ulcer. the use of medicinal plants in wound management and care involves disinfection, debridement, and the provision of adequate environment for natural healing process [49]. to investigate the wound healing activity of c. papaya in a diabetic animal model, nayak et al.

the wound healing effect of radix rehmanniae was compared with the group that received water on days 4, 8, 13, and 18 in the diabetic rat foot ulcer model. the influence of the ethanol extract of c. roseus on wound healing in diabetic rats was performed by nayak [15]. a. langiana is a herbal plant that grows in the wild and the leaves of the plant has been used in traditional medicine to treat wounds and bacterial infections [25]. to assess the wound healing properties of the plant [67], used the leaves, flowers, and fruits extracts in the experiment. to assess the rate of wound contraction, excisions were traced on a transparent paper with a millimeter scale, and the change in wound size was calculated as the percentage wound area that had healed. wound treated with the extract was observed to show significant contraction in wound compared to those of the control group. large clinical trial on the use of medicinal plants in wound healing in diabetic and non-diabetic individuals should be conducted.

being the go-to health nut with a ready stash of raw honey in the family, i was asked about it. i printed it off and brought the papers over to his house along with a jar of raw honey from my father-in-law’s beehives. i have been in pain with this diabetic soars for 4 yrs now and they want to amputate my toes so i am going to try this asap. i do see a diabetic foot dr on a regular basis krista , i have charcot marie tooth disease as well with a sore on my foot that is refusing to heal all the way…has the raw honey helped your foot sores? 🙂 this is almost 3 years later and i need to know if the study got published?? jacqueline mitchell i am a diabetic and i just now have the foot sores i would love to get your recipe for the skinwash if you could pass it on to me i would love to try it. i have been reading about the manuka honey for treatment and want to thank you for confirming my idea of using local honey. i hope that the honey helps your friend! i had a large bruise on my leg for two months that would not heel and started to ulcerate. i did that and wrapped it in gauze and i awoke the next morning with no trace of a burn. i even use it to bake with instead of sugar (not when you have toddlers though) a lot of the time. ive gone to a vein spec and they don’t get why i have them im not diabetic but i get ulcers on the top of my feet. the article is very interesting and i know it to be true because my mother had a diabetic sore that woulld not heal and i used raw honey to heal it.

my sister is a diabetic, i will pass this on to her. hi dave, i just did a quick search on medihoney and was surprised to see it on amazon! he lost his two toes and a bit of the side of the foot to flesh eating infection. my husband is a diabetic he had one leg amputated, now the other one has sores and they are not healing i going to tell the doctor about raw honey or medihoney which one is more affect. i’m just thankful we found your post, and also i read the link, and printed it for hubby to read. i hope that he’s able to try the honey and that he heals up quickly! from that point on i used it on all the wounds on the elderly and it just worked wonderfully. do we have to find a way of treating the honey with antiseptic? i had never heard of this before i read your article and i am so sorry to hear about your dads difficulties. i expected it to be totally close a couple weeks ago but seems like the last part is taking long. i just happened to stumble on this site and it gave me some hope to treating the diabetic ulcer i have. he has a cut on his thumb that isn’t healing properly and i want to use honey so it will totally heal. i just so happen to only buy raw honey to eat and cook with. the information on this site is for idea-sharing only.

a. langiana is a herbal plant that grows in the wild and the leaves of the plant has been used in traditional medicine to treat wounds and mix 1/2 c. each of grated, organic soap for sensitive skin, hydrogen peroxide, olive oil, and local organic honey with 10 drops of tea tree oil and fill the also, make room for fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins a and c since these nutrients are vital to wound healing and may boost your immune system. good, related health topics, related health topics.

because honey is a balanced natural resource for wound healing through proper debridement, it can be said to be a good natural diabetic wound healer. researchers have demonstrated how honey dressing with and without olive oil could successfully prevent the risk of amputation in case of aloe vera: its anti-inflammatory characteristics offers various health benefits. applying aloe vera gel on the affected area can help you curb low protein and deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin c and zinc, have been shown to decrease wound healing. it’s best to have a well-balanced, .

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