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pandas occurs more often in boys but is rare after puberty.¹ parenting a child with pandas can be tough. pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome, or pans, describes the same situation, but instead of a strep infection, the symptoms can be brought on by a number of infections or toxins  — a list which is still growing with ongoing research. we are currently working with legislators in indiana to pass a law that would prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage for ivig just because the diagnosis is pans or pandas.

a recent scientific review revealed that antibiotic therapy is a well-established pandas treatment when a strep infection is ongoing.¹¹ if your child undergoes antibiotic therapy, it may be wise to counter-treat with probiotics, to maintain your child’s immune health. antihistamines boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and help many children sleep.²⁰ in these ways, antihistamines are a low-cost pandas treatment option. as long as the child is not re-infected with strep, pandas may be in your rearview mirror. untreated or unrecognized pandas can increase the likelihood a child will have ocd and the associated symptoms longer.

as a mom with child with pans, i fully understand that the nervous system of a child with pans/pandas experiences stress that causes overworked and agitated state. while the severity of pans/pandas symptoms varies from child to child, symptoms often wax and wane with environmental and new infection variables. in the case of a child with pans/pandas, anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviors, anger, and other mental health irregularities can improve with neurofeedback. it is also a very non-invasive and easy to administer therapy, which is important with the range of difficult behaviors that can be present.

psychotherapy at the right time with a literate therapist combined with more holistic therapies can make the world of difference for both parent and child. when one is in a chronic state of anxiety, pain, or illness, tapping into the subconscious to reprogram one’s state of mind, can positively alter one’s issues. what i have learned in the 10 plus years for having a child with lyme and pans, is that you have to incorporate integrative therapies, eating properly, restorative sleep, and relaxation therapies into your regimen. she is also a member of the international society for neurofeedback and research (isnr) and the association of applied psychophysiology and biofeedback (aapb).

the national institute of mental health recognizes antibiotics, steroids, ivig, and plasma exchange as treatments for pans/pandas. these are diet is essential for individuals suffering from pans/pandas. a healthy diet with emphasis on an anti-inflammatory diet helps with micronutrient absorption, herbal antimicrobials: herbs like cryptolepsis and artemisinin appear to be effective in addressing bacterial infections responsible for lyme, pandas treatment protocol, pandas treatment protocol, pans/pandas diet, pandas anti inflammatory diet, detox for pandas.

they can be found in the form of dietary supplements as well as in foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, and kimchi. one way that probiotics may be helpful for pandas is in preventing digestive problems due to antibiotics, a common treatment for pandas. research has found that probiotics show promise for this purpose. there are many natural anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements that can often be extremely beneficial. these include curcumin, resveratrol, sulphorophane, green an exclusive guide to natural treatment for pandas/pans start with diet – ensuring that your child is eating a whole foods, clean diet is very the current guidelines recommend treating based on severity of symptoms. for mild cases, a trial of antimicrobials or anti-inflammatories/steroids are often, best treatment for pandas, pandas treatment options.

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